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  1. It is funny and very sad at the same time when watching those three devs talking. Bodylanguage says it all: They are always looking at eachother like "I hope i dont say anything wrong or too much", "Please help me", "Is it over yet?" they are obviously feeling uncomfortable in their own skin. When you sure of yourself, you talk to the camera, to the viewers not to your accomplice.
  2. Why do you log into the game?

    I dont login anymore, since two weeks... This is the most boring game ever. Everyday the same just to get more gold so we be able to update, then do it again and again. The lack of ideas from the developers is the reason why its so hard to update things, they dont know better how to keep players playing. Besides, i found some good old games on my harddrive, and im playing them again.
  3. Can the story get any worse....

    I really did enjoy all acts... and you know why? skip, skip, skip, skip, skip, get Xp, move on.
  4. I do think that if i pay for Premium, i should be compensated for "out of schedule" downtime. Thank God i am not spending any money on this company anymore.
  5. @Windbrand So true your post! Its says all that ncsoft should know. @TheLimNabuGW2 hast also very good graphics among other better things then BnS, except Huge breasts unfortunately... (The main reason 90% people play BnS)
  6. I whish i could give you 100 Rep points Almerinde! :D
  7. Sunday Daily Challenge Rant

    A simple question: Why in Gods Name must a dailie be a dungeon? Why not for eg. "Go and kill 20 of these monsters, and 20 of those" OR "Save 10 children and 15 dogs" OR "Collect 50 Moshrooms and eat them to see what happens" OR "Go from Moowaterhills to Disgracehills within 10 minutes" OR "Res 10 players at SSP" OR "Glide 5 times 1 minute from anywhere you want" and so on. There are much more possibilities and therefore less boring things to do then everyday the same crap.
  8. How to turn a good game into a disaster !

    Its even easier then that: Want to destroy a game? Give it to a greedy company. In this case -NCSoft (Bad costumer and employee policy). Want to save this game? Give it to Arena Net. Simple as this.
  9. We are supposed to be able to get the costume and other things in two ways: Through weapon upgrading with corallite, and corallite fragments. Now, like some already wrote here before, the chance of upgrading fail is very high. Myself i only tried once, at level 2: PUFFF!! - all gone! So i now sell all coral i get. The second way is more like NCSoft thinks we are all morons, because we can only get the corallite fragments if the weapon upgrade fails! (Pls correct me if im wrong...) So this is only an illusion, another "dont give a damn about players whishes" just keep them spending money and time with this crap. Thx but no thx. I already quited playing, this game is so ridiculous. Jesus! Get a brain NCSoft!
  10. One of the reasons this game will die, or at least very few people will still be playing this in a short future, is because its extreme boring and not rewarding at all. After you complete the story, reached lvl 50, and HM 7/8 its only farming, farming, repeat dungeons every day until you can throw up, just because you need tons of gold to improve your gear. Nothing new, no surprises, RNG is God here. Making a new char is fun and rewarding because your needs are low, but thats it, not worthy. Other reason is that i dont really see any improvements being made doesnt matter how many maintenences they do (maybe less lags since a few days) but like i dont play as much as i used to, i cant prove this, its just a feeling. The politics of this company are not client friendly at all, they must realise we at EU/NA do not think 100% like Asian players, and Ncsoft thinks that the "sex sells" policy will go successeful forever. You will fail.
  11. Stable server you got there

    On the 15.06.2016 Someone wrote this, that i find it could come close to the reality.: Well, after one million DCs yesterday, i did do the effort to do my daily challenges, and went to bed after that. But like always, my mind kept wondering -WHY? So my imagination did some work that i want to share with you all, its a little story. Long time ago, before BnS came to Europe, some guys at ncsoft saw that lots of Europeans playing the game in Asian servers, so, they came up with the idea to give it a try and brint the game to us. This is how it went: "Hey, Johnson, i have thought we could start BnS in Europe, what do you think about that?" "Well Robert, i dont know... Its a bunch of costs you´re talking about, new servers, bandwith and so on... " "we dont need to buy any servers! We have a lot of them in the basement! "in the basement? Where?!" "Where we keep the potatoes. There are also some servers from Guild Wars One that we dont need anymore." "Cool! :D that spares us a lot of money, how about bandwith, its expensive too..." " No problem Elisabeth knows a guy who works at a local store and he can get us a cheap contract." "Well, i would say lets do it! ^^" "Alright! xD i´ll get the servers right away! "ok, and Johnson... bring the potatoes too." "the potatoes? Oo What for?" "well, when the servers get too hot, we could cook on them, and make fish and ships" "OMG! Awesome idea! and when should we cook?" "i think wednesdays and/or thursdays would be fine" "great! two to four hours we could do that, no one will notice it..." So, dear fellows, this is how it was decided to bring to us this beautifull game, which we all love so much. The only thing that is not clear yet is, will they live happy forever?
  12. Incompetence. Only real money counts. "Too hard to program"=Fail.
  13. Why you quit?

    I will quit! Reasons: 1-NCSoft itself, no explanations needed here, read other threads you´ll get it. 2-Forums Mods/fanboys, no help silence instead of explanation, sanctions, its my ISP fault, i know. Kill me. 2.1-Community. Never seen a most toxic, bad whishing discusting people around in any other game. 3-False events "For free", oh not really. 4-Bots, Goldsellers, Spammers, Trolls, Leechers. 5-As a melee player, SSP is a no go area for me. 6-Competition is healthy and good, but this is definitely p2w 7-I found a new better game.
  14. The question is why is there a limit? I dident read it myself, now im stuck with 50 at main (10 less for the gem) and the rest on two other chars, one of them has 14 unopened pouches. I dident throw them away yet because ill wait until the events end to see what happens. ANYWAY... It pisses me off, its true, but i am not giving a S*** anymore since im giving up this game in a few weeks from now. Search for 9thAugust (NA) 10th August(EU), there will be a new game that will make this one look like nothing. bb NCSOFT, never again.