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  1. Game problem

    It is intended to be slower from BD. It is just the class wise. BM needs to cast it fast because it links to their block. Meanwhile, BD only needs it for "extra" damage while doing ani-cancel with F. All in all, it is not the ping. It is the class designed to be like that.
  2. Cost reduction for legendary weapon?

    How long for people to understand that the problem is not AP nor gear. It is about doing the mechanic /shock. I am seeing way too much people HM7->11 have no clue doing a single easiest mechanic in dungeon. Just read the paper and you can do it without worrying anything about "oh i need more money for gear" NO it doesn't solve your problem neither elitism in the game. If everyone has the responsible for reading mechanic here like Taiwan server, we would be a great community. In Taiwan you can't even inspect F2 just FYI
  3. Errr I think you farming it wrong. There are 2 ways that farm effectively: 1. Farm to 1250 Achievement point ( It should take you less than a week. Don't complain it take forever- get the easy ones i farm 600U-> 1250U in 3 days) then exchange them at Zaiwei Achievement Merchant 2. Obtain Heavenly Energy from DC to exchange for a RNG box for them ( It used to direct exchange but NC thought it would be "a good idea" to merge them into RNG box)
  4. Level 26 and already bored stiff.

    people complain about P2W but no one says anything about trove nice~~~~~~. Anyway, if you enjoy the pure combat system like you can just online and keep hitting stuff all day then the game will be more fun later with dungeon and harder mechanic. But if you are like casual and socialize player then BnS, not realllllly. After 3-4 weeks once you hit 50, you will hit a gear wall made by hard cold cash /giggle. (Don't any of you all 700+ dare say to me you can get legend weap under 2 months). A clan always a nice place to start. Also, if you plan to go on with the game I suggest you read the skill book (K) learn to play the class and mechanic of any dungeon you plan to go. Ps: to RO haters if you dont like the game just dont prevent other people may try it out. With love <3 from lvl 69 RO CN tester
  5. Why I build Seraph as BD ? 1. Flicker duh duh duh 2. It looking guuudd man (Don't you dare say to me baleful look better seraph >.<) > ping > AP > Skill
  6. So, PvE in BnS

    yea they nerfed his HP from 1.1 million HP down to 600k or something like that so it is extremely easy now but before that it was very hard as for BD the minimum and self experience i got was 732ap and exactly 1 min ( Mushin of Darkness )
  7. So, PvE in BnS

    You play one of the easiest, broken class in the game also as a tank then complain why the PvE too easy lul. I have my good laugh. Learn how to drive as BM in NF yet ? in case there is a better tank than you. Any class can drive really so dont just say to me "oh its just BD, Sin job". You try to do Black Tower yet ? i bet you did not. You said you are a PvPer as well you hit Plat yet ? As top DPS in PvE do you have Master of Darkness BEFORE they nerf mushin 8.3f under 1 min yet ? if not too bad you dont have more than 20k dps. (This case i mean before Feb 8th) With love - HelloAmHoa
  8. Crit rate for event is too high!

    *casting Ultimate Bait World*
  9. Currency Exchange?!?!?!!?

    I am not sure this is a trap post or not. They tell you literally right there. The maximum price is 1:7.0 and your input money at the rate of 1:7.5. Also I don't stand against you but the standard rate is 6.1 which mean you have to put 6.0 to get a chance to sell it. 1:7.5 is just way overpriced and you prob somewhere at page 10-11 or so
  10. Servers on/off

    A true story only ex-TERA player know. EME said we expect 2h30mins. Players *log back silently after 20mins*
  11. Weapon progression question

    1. If your weapon higher than true profane you can salvage them like you do with soul shield to get ivory weapon 2. you can exchange them for 20 silverfrost valor stone at the merchant in GHS/Northreach
  12. Event Blade and Soulmate !

    You poor soul of lacking hope on RNGesus. Even Jonathan confirmed that you will get amethyst and even the outfit with it. Why ? because the crit is so high bro. Out of 20 guides, I saw 5 people got an outfit from the box and 15 among us get crit 10 stacks of chocolate. So stop complaining about events and screw the math.
  13. Avalanche Den is stupid

    If you used to play Tera, Dark Souls => BnS is piece of cake If you from BDO PvE play style, may the soul of Hajoon bless you *take it easy*
  14. Avalanche Den is stupid

    You need to learn the mechanic bruh /giggle
  15. plz extend the event by 1 week

    No, enough is enough. If you want something you earn it, you farm it. You just get it done