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  1. Really cool idea, i thought about Fan Dancer/Dancer differently though. Yun race still doesn't have exclusive class and FD suits them well. I see this class as very feminine, graceful, fast-moving, literally dancing around the opponent. I thought about weapon like this but BnS' engine won't handle such complex movement of cloth...
  2. Hi, at first sorry for my English, its not my native language and im pretty tired so some mistakes can occur. I just wanted to share my idea with you and see if it suits into the game as good as i think. :P Class name would be Dancer/Fan Dancer, something like that - available only for Yun. It would be melee, very mobile class with lots of dodges. Moves kinda similar to Chang'e from SMITE (but faster and more asian i think?), every move would have this dance feeling to it. Could use poison of some sort, throw poisonous needles from kanzashi, Let me know what
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