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  1. Well, this is mine/our fault that choise for another time this game. Always i choise good game, with high funny potencial, but ....well. Well, i thought that booster software company was the same of game and this was a business :D But seems is not this. So, i hope that they will open their eyes. PS: Why hungry? :D
  2. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/5654517980 This is my line. It is good...
  3. Thanks for answer. Infact my suspect was just that problem is not only mine. This thing is sad anyway. I belive that is stupid buy another software for reduce latency. It will be frustrating if i was NCSoft. So, are there no "news" about probably iusse on servers? Its all afternoon that i can't (really play). It was my free day.
  4. Hello all. I'm playing BNS since 4 mounths and this is the right time to ask about my problem. Well, my web service is really good and very efficent. I have done some speed test and ping test and it give no problems but, in game , as always, i always have 130ms ( when all is good). Unfotunatly in last 2 weeks, there are a lot of days, mainly in afternoon ( 15.00 -21.00 is "bad" time) game for me became unplayble. First, i have an Asus. I had close all "broken" process releted to this PC and nothing change. How is possible have this ping and this latency i
  5. They will plan restart in about 10 minutes. There are some friends in game( they didn't get any error) and this was annonce. So, we will see.
  6. Really i can't see game right now. But they reply on Twitter. Work on it.
  7. I think that there are not really a lot of difference in farming gold and moonstone. Maybe is more simple farming gold( to buy moonstone) that farm moonstone. This game have always something to do if you can't really do another one. This not really justify the unblance or something related. But if your problem is moonstones, you have a lot of ways to get money for that.
  8. Economy. Stay away a bit for PC and go read( not really necessary study) how work it. After 30 minutes of login, what do you expect with all the sells over? Naturally that good "brained players" try to sell overprices something that at that moment , was litlle under number at market. Just be patient.
  9. I still get ERROR. You aren't alone. Be patient.
  10. Game and relax. If can't actually play because they still work, i'm smoke and relax. In while can see and have fun anyway from all this forums RAGE.
  11. Great thanks for free package and the things that are inside it, but...i have question. Where is the sense to have 5 Fairy Nabula Stone on 1 char if these things are not tradable between alts? It's just a really good question to understand how i can better use this Prosperity Box. :) Thanks.
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