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  1. just post the proof like what he wants, i wanna see too if running with bm is faster than running with kfm with equally skilled and equally geared party. And we can get the conclusion from anyone can prove BM is overbuffed or not. I'm sick of seeing someone getting bullied without any proof.
  2. as fm i never got outdps'ed by bm with equal gear on this patch. I think they are okay now, they already suffered long enough before. You need to remember there are many bad FMs in F8 xD
  3. lol xD as FM i want a kitty too, because they are cute and adorable.... not to mention they are more reliable than F8 tanks
  4. well looks like the decision about dps meter is final. To melees with 250+ ping please don't get disheartened, don't listen to those people telling bad things to you. Keep improving and show them you are a better person than them. I will be cheering on you guys xD
  5. it's not random... i'm stating the fact that is same... and you won't say it's same when it's CLEARLY same... i accept that it's same... and i also accept that the winner's also same... and you won't accept that... who won't treat people equally now?
  6. please give me a good argument for that... that is not a good argument and it's clearly same xD idk why you won't treat people equally
  7. was need to afk for a few hours. well i don't know what to say to you who said it's different... it's clearly same... and outfit design has more difference than the picture i gave to you... and the one who saying it's re-using.... why the winner can't do the same? is this nepotism?
  8. to both of you: if it's same the lower part is also same...but it's not... then how about this picture? some of them exactly look the same with little or no alteration. what is your words on it?
  9. hmm, a person with good working eyes can see that lower part is different... winner's mask has holes on it
  10. then what about this picture? if it's about face/hair i got ton of them here
  11. well i can answer your answer with the lower part of the mask is different and there are pigtails on the hair. so it's not same right?
  12. i'm not jumping into any bandwagon, just answering someone that thinks that my point of view is wrong... and i saw people denying that guy saying night luna is not based in kirito outfit... i'm ok with that.... but then i show something that is blatant tracing and they also denied that... so what do you want? the winner to get jailed or something?
  13. it is identical, like that Miharu and Ritsuka one. there is no difference at all... why are you not calling it a blatant tracing? while u accusing the winner that not even copy the face as blatant tracing?
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