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  1. You're lucky you can even load the damn thing...similar to you I decided to pop back in to see if the reasons I left have been rectified...low and behold, error message and the game refuses to load. Sigh.
  2. Yeah the soulstones were very close to making me quit as well, but I like the story, mechanics and challenge in soloing bosses so I tried to think of a way to still play. Luckily soulstones are available on the market, and while it will be slower, I've found doing other pve oriented tasks to make money to buy the soulstones as being an acceptable compromise for me personally. However I literally just ran into an even bigger problem just five minutes ago-there's gear from misty woods that NEEDS pvp oriented tasks to acquire that's necessary for your equipment upgrades. Buying from t
  3. http://bladeandsoul.gamepedia.com/Mushin http://bladeandsoul.gamepedia.com/Juwol
  4. But...I thought we can't offer critique to make the game more enjoyable. RNG-others have spend hundreds of dollars to get their item or countless hours....why complain that NCWest needs to make things easier for you just because you want things handed to you when other players had to achieve what they own? PING-other players have spent hours playing the game with that same difficulty. If others had to suffer to get what they have, why should you get it any easier? I agree....let's NOT fix all the other things people complain about and fix the one or two things you
  5. This is the second time now in two days I've seen someone say a character is a race they're not. The person had said Mushin was a Gon while he is a Jin. Juwol is a Yun. She's an anomaly in that she has the Gon idle animation as her default and she's rather well endowed for a Yun, but a Yun she is, not a Gon. http://bladeandsoul.gamepedia.com/Juwol
  6. Show me where male Yuns are rumored to exist because neither on the game's official page nor the wiki does it say anywhere that male Yun are even possible. Both categorically say 'PURELY female': https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/game/races/ http://bladeandsoul.gamepedia.com/Yun It doesn't say 'only females have been seen' or 'questions arise as to whether or not males exist' or 'sightings of male Yun occurred' or anything like that. If something once was categorically one way then next changed on a dime, that indicates lack of foresight and an element of bad writing.
  7. A common fallacy I see among gamers when it comes to open world events. 'It must be the players' fault!' Ever so quick to view other players with contempt and spit such vitriol in their direction. Take a step back and look at the situation objectively; look at the behaviour of players in general in mmos and look at the design of the game. Why were the players there? Kill the boss. Why do they want to kill the boss? It has something they want. Why aren't they doing the other things needed to kill the boss? It's either not fun or doesn't have something they want.
  8. So um....the whole 'purely female race' doesn't mean having a male won't contradict anything? I'm 100% a-ok with Yun being purely female. That's how the race was initially designed with the lore of the world and it'll just water down the experience, not to mention literally retconning their entire existence because of some arbitrary need for 'balance'. However you are correct that aside from the lore, Yuns don't have anything that's particularly unique. As such I'm ok with Yun having an exclusive class, otherwise they could share the class with Gon, as they are the other most magic
  9. This is kinda concerning.... I like the story up to the end of act IV; it's literally the only thing keeping me here despite the grind.
  10. Honest to God, I face-palmed and sighed in real life after reading this. Do any adults play games anymore? Do the people who play games these days understand what a 'game' is? Unlike some of you who sit around your computer doing nothing for 16hours a day, other people put in 8-9 hours of work, 1-2 hours of commute, teaching, treating patients, dealing with customers, doing heavy manual labor etc etc in order to 'get something' that's kinda necessary for living; either for themselves or people who depend on them, 2-4 hours doing domestic tasks or taking care of children v
  11. Well....some of your fellow gamers keep pushing people away, telling them to 'suck it up', calling them names such as 'cry babies' or 'whiners', telling them they have to 'earn' the right to have fun with the game, that things shouldn't be made accessible, that the game/company shouldn't respect your time...and also that 'nobody will miss you if you leave'. Yeah.....
  12. Might I suggest you take some time alone in a peaceful, serene place and contemplate the difference between playing a game for FUN and working because you need to eat? I will not offer any further insight into how patently ridiculous that notion of 'you have to work for it in order to have fun' is, lest my brain cells disintegrate from prolonged exposure to such lower order thinking. The game already doesn't have a particularly healthy population. In case you didn't know, games with healthy populations don't do server merges less than a year after release. Furthermore the eliturds
  13. I actually don't think the game should 'cater to everyone'. That leads to a watered down experience that nobody truly enjoys. My issue is this bait and switch. As you know, right up to lvl 39 you didn't need to pvp-pvp was OPTIONAL. Once you start needing soulstones, the game pulled the rug from under you and go 'surprise...you need to pvp *cricket*!'. I'm more annoyed I wasted so much time and started to get invested in the story and lore, only to have to drop it at lvl 39. If you want to make the game nothing but pvp then make it obvious and implement it from the get-go. You won'
  14. Yeah I just hit that place and was googling ways to get the soulstone....pvp or pvp. I was really getting into the game and was just about to start spending money on it since it appeared it would be a good form of entertainment in the evenings...but this just kills any interest. The game is already grindy with pve that I am more inclined towards....grinding pvp which I loathe? LOL yeah no. I'll take my time and money elsewhere.
  15. Coincidentally that's the reason I'm currently playing BnS-it's not in open beta yet. However this game is more fun than I imagined...at least at lower levels, the community is......odd though. As long as I can see the boss' animations I don't care if the visuals are flashy.
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