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  1. You're lucky you can even load the damn thing...similar to you I decided to pop back in to see if the reasons I left have been rectified...low and behold, error message and the game refuses to load. Sigh.
  2. Show me where male Yuns are rumored to exist because neither on the game's official page nor the wiki does it say anywhere that male Yun are even possible. Both categorically say 'PURELY female': https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/game/races/ http://bladeandsoul.gamepedia.com/Yun It doesn't say 'only females have been seen' or 'questions arise as to whether or not males exist' or 'sightings of male Yun occurred' or anything like that. If something once was categorically one way then next changed on a dime, that indicates lack of foresight and an element of bad writing.
  3. So um....the whole 'purely female race' doesn't mean having a male won't contradict anything? I'm 100% a-ok with Yun being purely female. That's how the race was initially designed with the lore of the world and it'll just water down the experience, not to mention literally retconning their entire existence because of some arbitrary need for 'balance'. However you are correct that aside from the lore, Yuns don't have anything that's particularly unique. As such I'm ok with Yun having an exclusive class, otherwise they could share the class with Gon, as they are the other most magic
  4. Yeah I just hit that place and was googling ways to get the soulstone....pvp or pvp. I was really getting into the game and was just about to start spending money on it since it appeared it would be a good form of entertainment in the evenings...but this just kills any interest. The game is already grindy with pve that I am more inclined towards....grinding pvp which I loathe? LOL yeah no. I'll take my time and money elsewhere.
  5. Coincidentally that's the reason I'm currently playing BnS-it's not in open beta yet. However this game is more fun than I imagined...at least at lower levels, the community is......odd though. As long as I can see the boss' animations I don't care if the visuals are flashy.
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