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  1. Rude, unacceptable Support behaviour

    Please do not harm the kittens.
  2. Free to Play players in extinction

    How can f2p be extinct? From this page it shows BNS is a full f2p game.
  3. Worst Trove Ever

    I just watch trove openings before I chose to spend any money. I won't be trying this season because from what I saw the returns are terrible.
  4. I thought pet packs were put into the game so we can start getting them more often for personal use. Every since these things came out I hardly have gotten any. I would get way more pet pods from events in the past. The only thing pet packs introduced was some annoyance. Just make them bound to account already like they should have been. The new pet system made the items to upgrade pets way more expensive then it was. Now these unbound pet packs can't be farmed from events by Alts like they use to be. Every step just makes grinding pet harder and harder.
  5. So I found something

    Ahhh, “Warrior of the Lyn Scythe class” I hope! Far stretched? Na!
  6. People Afkin in Lair? Report them

    I think people in Gloomdross just fell asleep because how boring it is.
  7. Chromatic Threads

    They should have been bound to account already IMO. Although, many more items should be bound to account too.
  8. Anyone know about how far are we behind Korea in terms of time?

    then the change you were looking forward to is nerfed or not there.
  9. I would be disappointed if old content like SSP were improved in any way instead of putting the effort to new content.
  10. Forum Emoticons Now Available

  11. New melee class for Lyns

    All the minimum size lyn look odd to me, but any normal to large size lyn can fit with any class in my opinion. Blade Master looks just like Blade Dancer which the difference is about as confusing as SF and KFM.

    Bracelet is a good choice next. Ideally, run with clanmates if you can but just recruit your own with "looking for party members" tag or join others. I would say since NS is a low dungeon try and join the 1000ap requests and see if you get kicked or not. I do that for my Alts when my friends aren't on for me to demand overkill carries and most let me through with 900+ap.
  13. Overpowered Classes

    Overpowered classes can be referring to both PvE and PVP but the poster is mostly referring to PVP. Outlaw island is a PvE topic. At some point talking just about Outlaw island which is as you said is a PvE topic to the person who tried bring the topic back to PvP, would be going off topic to the main topic of the post. The title is broad but can't be pushed to solely PvE if it is started on pvp.
  14. Overpowered Classes

    Your response was referring to outlaw island but the topic of the post is about overpowered classes which includes both pve and pvp.
  15. Overpowered Classes

    The topic is Overpowered Classes, not outlaw island. While there are other strong classes and people have argued that each one is overpowered/underpowered I feel like gunner is one that is obviously broken and needs to be dealt with first for the sake of enjoying 6v6 a bit more again. The 1v6 potential that's constantly demonstrated from the time it was released in N/A to have left me feeling at a loss when seeing a decently geared gunner on the other team. From reading their skills and only having a few encounters that are none just burst I would say they lack other areas such as CC that would make it fun to play/fight them.
  16. Snake dancer class

    Could you explain how Snake Dancer would fight in a dungeon like HiveQueen Vortex Temple/Temple of Eluvium where cc is only part of the dungeon mechanics to save the tank and the boss can't be air Combo'd or grabbed/pinned? Is the whip the main dps? Left Click: activates stance power: must be activated after every hit Right Click: Whips enemy applying the stance power Is the class mostly lmb rmb then?
  17. Overpowered Classes

    Oh, they are fixing summoner in KR. I will play KFM for now since it is easier until we get the fixes! Thank you for your ideas to improve my reasonings.
  18. Snake dancer class

    Can you explain more about the PvE aspect? I'm pretty sure things like sharing lighting in Desolate Tomb causes you to take more than 20k. I don't remember if you can iframe the damage or not. I see the PVP main combo, but how would you keep doing damage for raids rotation wise?
  19. Blade & Soulmate

    I quite enjoyed this event with the random pvp outbursts.
  20. Overpowered Classes

    I completely agree that summoner needs a huge buff. The rest of the classes are op.
  21. I hope there is at least one gorgeous outfit tomorrow! So much potential in the Showroom already.
  22. Summoner Party Stealth Radius

    I'm pretty sure the radius is 50m and the diameter is 100m.
  23. Give summoner a few more penetration CC's, a more reliable block counter, or maybe double air combo without needing a crit. Maybe move the 5iframes, hammer, and v for summer to always use and have the cat be a ghost so you cant target it by mistake. Then summoner's will be more balanced compared to the rest of the classes just like the title asked for. For now, you can keep enjoying your free arena wins when facing a summoner.