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  1. Gamepad help?

    Hi, I recently bought a new 360 game pad its an inno game pad for Xbox 360 and windows pc I was using a 360 rock candy pad and the new game pad isn't working right , the right stick that controls the camera is very unresponsive, I tried it in other games it works fine every where else just not in bns any ideas? btw I did the calibration etc all tests work fine on it...
  2. Gon pose?

    Gunma US
  3. Gon pose?

    awe okay.
  4. Gon pose?

    Hi, I was wondering if you can change the default pose for gon when making a new character? cause the default pose arm bothers me. Thanks i mean change it in game.
  5. Ranged?

    Can SF be effective at range only?
  6. Blackram supply

    That feels so mean tho.
  7. Blackram supply

    How do you get into this instance solo not the open world version??
  8. Instant level 50 voucher? Question...

    Hostile much? Sorry i thought it said a level 50 hm20 ..
  9. Instant level 50 voucher? Question...

    But doesn't it say HM 20?
  10. SF stances

    Stances should not revert back to melee after a certain time. They should stay until you choose to switch between them. Make this happen! Thanx in advance.
  11. A Few Questions

    1. The DPS on frost fury ... Which of the three tiers are the greatest? 2. Also for frost build... What's the recommended rotation? ( I know fire is better... But frost is my play style) 3. Can someone give me the link to a PVE frost build? 4. Which tier of frost palm is the best? 5. What is the most important hongmoon skill to unlock? Thanx in advance for any help....
  12. 64 bit

    You might get a access denied error if so just take ownership on the ini file before you save or overwrite it. The launcher should update then.
  13. 64 bit

    Try going to your install directory ncwest look for a ini file see if you can enable anything to get the launcher to update. change the p2p from 0-1 or the selfupdate one i'm not 100 sure.
  14. 64 bit

    That's not on mine.