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  1. Out of these you mentioned which is the easiest to solo?
  2. Why can't a dev or something confirm this for us?
  3. Well that brings us to divine stones..where can I get then the easiest? Also on my warlock I have the old blue moon badge but I can upgrade it to legendary but I need one for reaver can I upgrade it then use the dragon express token thing to change it to a reaver based one?
  4. Wonder why when you put your mouse on the dungeon it says outfit is there? They need to fix this.
  5. Does it drop in normal mode? I have soloed this about 20 times and still never saw it.
  6. Besides dailies like dungeons? Also what's a synthesis stone used for>?
  7. Will I still get a character alteration voucher if I buy the 90 day gametime with my ncoin?
  8. Also I noticed the celestial weapon you get from the quest only has 3 slots?
  9. Right you mean the buttons and carrots etc?
  10. Ohhhh thanks btw does it have all unlocked slots? Or no cause mine does buts it's Aransu stage 9. And those hammers are tough to get.
  11. So after finishing the quest on my warlock I noticed unlike my other character I started from the beginning but I didn't get a celestial weapon chest during my warlocks end story is that normal?
  12. I am using a gtx 770 SC I know its old but I can play at 60fps constant. Anyways I keep getting game freezes where I cant see it in task manager after it freezes , It just freezes not my whole pc but I cant close it and am forced to sign out on my pc. What can I do? I tried updating drivers and even going back to older drivers I checked game files nothing running in background and I have 32gb ram....My gpu temps seem okay around 75C? at max..
  13. nothing is running but bns its goes up to a hundred percent after like five minutes and crashes. I had a fresh install of windows ten. with bns not running its at like eleven percent.
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