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  1. weapon slots?

    Hi guys, just wondering i got my storm dragon weapon it has 3 locked slots..will these unlock as i level it or should i upgrade my rift which has all slots..thanks guys oh my rift is just rank 3.
  2. What to play.

    Guys I need help deciding the best class for my playstyle..I. ma solo player I like to farm dungeons solo If possible for outfits etc but I don't mind a party I don't do raids I have low ping and great fps..what class should I choose I started a new kungfu master but before I level it to 60 I was hoping to get some advice thanks all.
  3. Allusion badge

    Hello I was wondering do you get the Alluvion badge from the quest line or do you have to buy it ? I’m trying to get wingrise and didn’t want to buy something I was getting for free
  4. So the current highest Dps spec?

    So I was just wondering what is the highest dps build currently with spec?
  5. how to get premium

    i sent a ticket but people say it takes days to get a reply.
  6. I have tried different cards,cleared cache and still get error when trying to buy membership.where can I just buy 30 day game card.
  7. Gamepad help?

    Hi, I recently bought a new 360 game pad its an inno game pad for Xbox 360 and windows pc I was using a 360 rock candy pad and the new game pad isn't working right , the right stick that controls the camera is very unresponsive, I tried it in other games it works fine every where else just not in bns any ideas? btw I did the calibration etc all tests work fine on it...
  8. Gon pose?

    Gunma US
  9. Gon pose?

    awe okay.
  10. Gon pose?

    Hi, I was wondering if you can change the default pose for gon when making a new character? cause the default pose arm bothers me. Thanks i mean change it in game.
  11. Ranged?

    Can SF be effective at range only?
  12. Blackram supply

    That feels so mean tho.
  13. Blackram supply

    How do you get into this instance solo not the open world version??
  14. Instant level 50 voucher? Question...

    Hostile much? Sorry i thought it said a level 50 hm20 ..