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  1. where i can get breeze accesories? and the fastest way to pick it? im trying farm naksun tokens in mushin tower but is slow (sometimes drops only 1 token)
  2. ok thanks you, already i used void fragments cross server never find party in old dungs :/
  3. hello, i need a python razor to can evolve my weapon.. but i dont know how get it now. the dungeon finder is dead to lair of frozen fang :c. there is another way to get that weapon?
  4. hello, i have very low fps in this game (8-19 fps) whit this pc features i7-7700HQ/BGA HHD: 1 TB 72+128G SATA3 SSD Ram DDR4 8GB*2 VGA GTX 1050 4GB Win 10 only in this game i have low fps, other games with high requirements run me better :( Help
  5. hi, what happens with gem sockets when a weapon evolves to legendary?
  6. hi, what is te best way to get breeze accesories? i only have ring nd belt :C and is bored farm silverfrost stones
  7. hi, i have a wl char and my next weapon evolution is a epic weap... but are two differents.. who is better? baleful or seraph?
  8. im play from south america, normally i have 150-200 ms in NA servers for another games, but in bns is 350-500 all the time
  9. Hi, everytime the game have a new patch, i start o see the "disconected from the server" error in loading screens to enter to dungeons... someone knows how to fix it? i caant complete daily challenges to earn the event tokens. Normally i dont have this error, but take 2-3 days in every new patch :C
  10. hi, someone knows how i caan put a image for portrait? i see some ppl with not ingame images (using anime or another images) but i cant put another to a auto portrait of my char :c
  11. I have noticed a error with tail and ears fox-type lyn (black and white)... these shines burning when you use a weapon like flamethrower and that error exist since the beggining of the game :c
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