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  1. Hello, a quick question because I keep hearing different opinions on this: When the Asuras absorb the heat/chill stacks, does it matter if a person has 1 stack or 2 stacks? Aka will 2 stacks damage the Asuras more than 1 stack? Have a nice day and thanks for answering.
  2. I can only recommend to join a clan. I have a main 1060ap but serveral alts from 750ap to 850ap. Personally i totally dislike F8 parties when i'm not on my main. A big point people forget is AP does NOT equal damage. I met several "high geared/high ap" people that did the same dps as my alts, which is pretty sad concluding that those people would potentially kick you cause of ur low ap. You can have 2 fms 900ap but one puts 80k, the other 40k. Sadly people only watch ap. If i see someone that doesnt even have MSP ss yet and still uses asura/story ss, that would be a kick lel. Also, it IS
  3. Warum haben Leute aus Schweden oder Dänemark dann auch Probleme? /thinking
  4. NRW, Telekom Gleiche Probleme wie beschrieben. Ich spiele auf dem en server und dort haben auch einige nicht deutsche Probleme wie zB Schweden, Dänemark, ...
  5. As soon as it is cheaper to buy a sealed version in the market than sending an unsealed version from a main [where at some point u actually paid for or at least have no use on a main character anymore], it is definetly time to change mailing prices. It wouldn't make sense to mail it since you are wasting money for no reason. So it will just rot in ur mains inventory or beeing thrown instead of beeing used to gear an alt. Also this isn't applying only to flower of lament but also taikhans skin.
  6. At the start we were cursed with shadow ring and ice ring every run. Now in the past two month we saw 3 fire earring, 2 fire ring. So i believe you get stuck with some drops for a while :D Also we consistantly drop sf ss, nearly every boss, every run. Barely kfm, sum. Got animus > fero/energy as well. But overall it feels like rng.
  7. Well there are only some colours that have that specific sign on them. As well as one type of pants. So before i start crafting, i'd like to be sure those colours are available in the game ~
  8. Hello, i'm planning on doing an clan outfit. What does the red x mean on colours like silver? Arn't they available in the game? (It is not the clan rank - we are clan rank 15) http://imgur.com/a/6eCP1 A screenshot of what i mean above. Greetings
  9. Tbh without my clan i would have lost interest in the game long ago. Pugging dungeons is mostly cancer. Either you get a leecher, an afk or someone that doesn't even listen when you explain the mechanics. Also if you're under HM10 they won't even consider taking you into the Dungeon. I experienced that a lot with alts, so that i even got my alts in the Clan to do Clan runs. It goes smooth, you have fun, get mechanics explained and really don't care about some wipes. If you find the right Clan it's awesome and stressless. ;)
  10. 1) I was never asking for a kick Option. 2) To go to every dungeon per Region Portal takes a lot of time lol (since they are not located in the same area) -> I was simply asking for a "recruit button" to recruit a specific player while already inside a dungeon whom possibly disconnected. Also to avoid random players when you actually have someone that was in the Party who just couldn't log back in in time. (Especially when running dungeons with friends/Clan, since you know that Person will come back to rejoin.)
  11. I agree with you. Sometimes it feels that upgrading is not worth it since 2-3 month later there will be a cheaper way to upgrade. (I understand it's good for new people and i don't critizise it.) I've seen a lot of players returning and spend a lot of cash to get to the current gear level or even higher in a month or less. That is kinda depressing when you play so much longer and put so much effort to archieve it. They do put a lot of newbie events, free stuff for returning players etc., what is good to enlarge the playerbase. But i'd welcome a little gift for players that are playing B&
  12. Dear Community, I suppose there were posts about this problem already and I'm sorry about bringing it up again but lately I got really upset with it. It's about people who afk in dungeons on purpose and as a player, you are helpless, cause you can't do anything about it. Like tonight I did Desolate 4man with my clan 2 times. At the last boss one disconnected and couldn't come back online in time, so we were forced to try recruit him back in and got a random person. We pleasently asked him to leave, but he just said "No", came up to the boss and stood there AFK for about 4
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