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  1. Does anyone else have this issue? In F8, I have no ping or FPS problems whatsoever
  2. This season (compared to all classes): Whirlwind Valley: 0 SFs in the top 50 Beluga: 3 SFs in the top 50 Nova Core: 0 SFs in the top 50 Arena 1v1: 0 SFs in the top 50 Arena Tag (not as relevant): 1 SF in the top 50 What are your opinions regarding why the SF is empirically such a weak class in PVP?
  3. I noticed while playing the SF in the game and when I watch streams, such as Tenah's arena streams, the X and 3 knockdowns bug EXTREMELY often, ESPECIALLY if the target is already stunned. They DO NOT get knocked down.
  4. Why can't they just get the idea that SFs are BAD in PVP because their defensive capabilities are the absolute worst out of all the classes? Lets see here: 1. THE ONLY RELEVANT BLOCK HAS A SIX SECOND CD FOR THE MEASLY EFFECT OF 1.5s IFRAME. Who the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ came up with THIS??? 2. Our C iframe has a ridiculous 45 second CD. Other classes with a similar iframe have a reset for it (WL, GS). The BD iframe is 34 seconds. 3. Our Q/E/SS iframes only work for like 0.01 seconds. If you iframe a hit such as 5 point strike, you often won't even have time to put up your block for the ver
  5. There's obviously some guys who make 3-4 assassins or 3-4 gunners which occupy the top 5-10 in each class in arena. Can we remove this feature so that only 1 class per account can get this kind of a reward?
  6. Which genius thought to give a class that can't reliably 100-0 only ONE escape?
  7. How about getting rid of the Dragonfist crit bonus damage and adding simply to the base damage itself?
  8. A HUGE buff to the SF would be to remove how stance shift ATTACKS the player. That literally means you CANNOT switch stances when the opponent is on the ground using the 2 skill. Many times some guy is on the floor, and you want to stance shift to Frost Nova -> Displace -> Air combo, and you can't do that with the stupid stance shift attack. Whoever came up with it seriously doesn't know SF PVP. Its block approach skills is garbage.
  9. Why are devs so slow at implementing changes? They've been dead bottom for good reason since the Stratus patch.
  10. I'm having a hard time getting the 100-0 combo down. Can someone help me put mine together? Spinal tap -> X dagger -> Bombard -> X -> Bombard -> Bombard -> C (usually out of focus here I don't really know where to go from there Also, anyone know a good YT channel with recent sin PVP videos?
  11. The reason arena is dead is because of 1. Shit class balance (coming from an SF) 2. Top players make 3-4 of the same class as an alt to get easy venture tokens at the end of season 3. EXTREMELY long periods of time before they buff/nerf classes. SFs have sucked since the Stratus patch. WLs and FMs have sucked for a while before the Stratus patch. etc. The third reason is the most frustrating. If classes were rebalanced every month, that would actually make for a really nice PVP experience.
  12. Why hasn't anyone mentioned the clearly broken gunner? A Raven 6 gunner is almost guaranteed at least 1.5m damage, and almost all of it will be PVE (no CC). A gunner with Raven and a Transcendant soul can literally kill your entire team in less than 8 seconds if he pops up on the side.
  13. Why the heck do I get only 17 beans for a loss, even if it was a very tight match that lasted for around 4 minutes??
  14. That's literally 10 straight seconds of iframe and the match can be determined by one air combo. They honestly don't need this to be competitive.
  15. Why can't they rebalance classes more often instead of having one class be absolutely dominant (such as WL) for an entire year before they do something about it?
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