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  1. @Nuelys @Shameir Hey buenas, si seguimos activos y reclutando jugadores, asi que encantados de teneros y ayudaros en lo que se pueda. Meteos en el discord del clan (link en el primer mensaje), agragadme MrTBagging#9306 o me agregais a amigos en el juego "Hiryou".
  2. Seguimos activos y reclutando, si sois nuevos jugadores o retornados y teneis alguna duda en este nuevo parche no dudeis en darnos un toque y meteros en discord
  3. Si, seguimos activos. Aunque os recomenaria que entrarais al link de discord ya que este post no lo reviso muy seguido xd.
  4. Buenas estamos reclutando jugadores activos y interesados en jugar al BnS, sin importar el lvl o el equipo. Hacemos raids semanales (BT, VT y pleb raids), daylies y nos intentamos ayudar entre nosotros en lo possible. Dicho esto si estais interesados en entrar al clan meteos en el discord (https://discord.gg/QjJZgBW) o preguntad por el juego por: "Hiryou", "Narook" o "Pochita".
  5. As far as I know for every class, except wl, baleful is better choice since it resets skills faster in pve. However, I dont know if you will need to go seraph to get riftwalk, not a sin main.
  6. Dioron

    BD DPS

    You have pretty good dps for your gear, u should do 80-90k and thats what u do. I have better gear than you (http://eu-bns.ncsoft.com/ingame/bs/character/profile?c=Dioron&s=213) and latency (around 90 msn) and I do around 120k. Also I know another BD who has more or less ur gear and does 90k. Btw the number that shows up in the game isnt the real ping, thats the latency which is twice or three times higher than ur ping.
  7. For what u said I suppouse u left before the silverfrost expansion, and really a lot have changed. 1. I dont thing u will have much gear with ur sin so if u want to reroll to gunner not gonna lose much. 2. Now is really easy to lvl up, story quests give xp and gear to lvl up to 50 without worries. So dont bother doing blue, just yellow and purple quests. 3. When u reach lvl 50 do the orange quests in order to unlock the pleb raids (ezpz 12man raids that give good mats and gold and are needed for weekly challenge) and the real raids (better get some gear before going there). A
  8. Yes, if u eat the foods before they expire u can do the 5 runs whenever u want.
  9. Dioron


    What u said above, with the one with 1min cd u will have a lot of dps at the start of the fight but in long fights u will lose a lot of damage. So if u want the soul for high-end pve get the 8sec and if u want to do 6v6 get the 1min cd.
  10. U cant anymore, as far as I know it was in f10 a long time ago. Maybe they will bring it back again in a future but who knows.
  11. Auric/cardinal stones are items u could exchange for duelist medallions at the event before of the gunner realese, which were obtained by doing daily challenge and pvp daylies. The stones reduce greatly the cost of upgrading seraph/baleful/downforge/riftwalk. But u can already upgrade ur weapon the normal way, getting the weapon and the mats even if its more expensive.
  12. Since the trove event the daily dash has been replaced with the trove chest, but it will be back the 04/10 when trove ends.
  13. Welcome back Exxaxion, well what I would recommend you to do is: I don't exactly know where the lvl50 voucher leaves you in the history questline but the last chapters of it gives you a lot of weapon mats and gold to upgrade your weapon to the stage before legendary (True Ivorymoon stage 10). Also the history gives you other accessories like the soul, the pet aura and 3 square gems. And dont salvage or sell the weapons you get from it, you will need them during the upgrading of the ivorymoon. When you reach True Ivorymoon stage 10 you can choose between Baleful or Seraph. Seraph gi
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