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  1. Well, first thing i noticed after maintenance... I went to Celestial Basim farm peach While in combat the skills turn grayed even when it's not on cooldown... It turns grayed for 1,5sec Dunno if it's intended... I haven't played for past 9 months, so... http://prntscr.com/fp8dyi
  2. Glad there is a post already about it and a Manager have looked into this... I was just confused because both me and my girlfriend couldn't use mail, as someone stated above, even to character on same account. Waiting for a fix!
  3. Options -> Interface -> There has an option to mark to show the delay on skill "ms", it's pretty good, but shows only during combat...
  4. Why you didnt try Baleful Razor? At Stage 6 is great!
  5. I've tried it some times with my WL(640AP), but i couldn't do shit to it cuz everytime i try to do Mushin Tower i lag as hell... But it doesn't happen when i do Tower of Infinity. It shouldn't be hard for a WL with good ping that know attack patterns. You just need to abuse it's block skill, spec it to Tier3 Stage4, if you have HM Dragoncall and a good Crit Rate, shouldn't be hard...
  6. That's very simple... There has a difference betwen Instant and Instantly... Also there has a mistake by NcSoft, the skill description was supposed to say "Dragoncall, Wingstorm has no cast time on hit with the last attack"
  7. I'm having the same problem for a time now... And just decide to take an extreme decision this morning, to uninstall the game. I've been playng since Beta, never had problems with ping, used to play all the time with 100-120ms w/o ping reducer, and around 80ms with ping reducer(Battleping). But the past 2 months i've noticed my ping increassing slowly and nowadays i barely get 200ms even with battleping on, most of times now i'm on 400-550ms, last night i had around 800ms. Have contacted NcSoft Support and they keep saying it's a problem with my ISP, even through i have contecte
  8. Probably never... If so, it will be on cash shop only...with low extremely rare chance of 0,0000000001% to drop from a hardcore dungeon like Desolate Tomb or Blast Furnace of Hell....
  9. Thanks bro, a friend told me the same... Well, i'll give it a try anyways... If fails all 50, i'll just farm those shits and sell it... The only thing i want is the Flawless Sapphire...
  10. 50 corals from bundle? which one?
  11. Watch the video above and learn as much as you can, if you succed at twins snakes(first boss), you basically completed the dungeon, since second and last boss are easy.
  12. Q: What's the point on this Oceanic Weapon Event, when the costs to upgrade above Stage 5 is high and fails at 7/10 rate...?
  13. Hello, i seached a bit about it, but couldn't find any info about it... Is there any difference betwen coralite and standard coralite?
  14. As you're now, i would recommend you to go True Scorpio, ur other stats are good. Then focus ur accessories... I made some accessories to True Oathbreaker when i was on True Breeze, and were waiting for this event to advance then to next stage... This is how i am right now... http://bnscoffee.com/character/NA/kagelock Edit: Don't pay attention on my soulshield, it's bad as fck... Never had lucky on rolling good stats on it :/
  15. You can always report them, as Domi said... Me and some guild members are let fraps open when we go farm SSP, cuz there's always someone doing it... We just need to upload vid and report. :)
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