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  1. NCSoft Incentive WTF?

    But does that help in gearing up? It helps right, I mean even though it's very minimum but it still help right, if compared to new players where we get nothing but only depression. Thats what I meant, the package for returning players is like returning players need to catch up whereas they don't give a Shyt for new players and just let them die in corner and vanish by themselves. Lets go back to your first para, my question is, returning players need a boost, yes I agree since they are lagging behind, but don't ya think new player also need a boost? Returning players might have the basic requirements such as gears, AP, money for them to progress to reach level cap and slowly upgrade gear since it's just 5 levels away (the last level cap was 45 IIRC, I joined after that so I not sure). And most importantly, it's late game so it's not ghost town. But new players? Man, they started from scratch at a ghost town, they have nothing but themselves and trying to progress but all they hit was a dead end. Yes I might sounded greedy but what I am asking is at least give us some temporary buff or maybe scale the difficulties according to number of players in team or whatever so that we can progress our gears smoothly without much hassle since it's ghost town 24/7. And the cost of upgrade should be reduced but that might be unfair for old players. So the solution is to increase the reward for dailies whereby whether new or old or returning players could benefit from there, win-win situation isn't it? Not intended to start a war or whatever but sorry for the rants. PS, I grind for my life too, I'm not that type of player who wanted to reach maximum gear within one week, and I've been through the ghost town era since I just joined a couple months ago. I felt the pain as a newbie and it's very unfair for them. Also, who doesn't like free gift anyway. Cheers!
  2. NCSoft Incentive WTF?

    Wow seriously? That's too much man. I know most of the MMO give out certain packages to drag the inactive players back to the game. But still, they are giving out friendly newbie package as well so the new players won't be left out. I mentioned friendly newbie package, whatever it is, so long to helps will do, be it some silver for weapon upgrade or imba temporary buffs so that we are able to solo some green dungeons easily. PS, temporary not permanent. Am I asking too much? I don't think so. But guess what, in here, we new players, get the green dungeons removed from cross server. How are you supposed to find a stupid fking party in a ghost town? Not to mention it's solo able at that current level for some breakthrough. I shouted over and over again at the faction chat, and guess what, nobody gives a Shyt about lowbies. NO help, NO team, how am I supposed to progress? Well, you might say you can just skip them, find whatever loots and equip them, come back at the higher level. Oh it's so easy isn't it? Come on, I have been keeping all the loots from mobs just for the upgrades and guess what, I can't even breakthrough it and those items messed up my inventory bag. And again, as a new player where the quest is giving out just coppers, the amount of weapon upgrades were almost 10-20 silver in total, not to mention it will reach the breakthrough stage. How are we supposed to squeeze out money? Well, dailies you say. Yes I did but dailies only once per day an it is not that much after all. If you ask me I I were salty over the returning player package, yes I am and I am not hiding it. What is it so hard to put back the green dungeons back to cross server which you ACCIDENTALLY removed? You say it's messy, put a tab, what are tab for? You developed game and you don't even know how to use a tab? Such a joke! Funny isn't it? You said green dungeons are solo able so no point putting them there. Seriously, look at the amount of threads regarding this issue, I pretty sure you are awared of it. Pride problem? Suck it up man, it's clearly your mistake in the first place. I know this post is offensive and I might get banned from it, well, whatever. I can't find any passion to progress more after all the obstacles. But before that, please use your brain and think on the mistakes you made, you are clearly driving off new players where new players are part of your source of incomes. sorry for the rants as a new player.
  3. Is Mushin always have party or people help out for dungeons such as relic core, altar of champion, naryu temple, bokgon hideout, lycandi den those considered as harder dungeons? I am so tired shouting over region and faction chat over and over again but I did not get any helps in the end from my current server. Then, as a GMT +8 player, any server suitable for me? As in I don wan to log in and a ghost tone due to different timezone. Or any recommended server? Thanks in advance.
  4. Currency exchange

    Hello all, sorry stupid question. So I am going to topup for the swimsuit. However, I am from Singapore. So, I purchased 1600 NCoin and I got this: It was stated that the total is $20 but is the currency in USD or SGD? What I meant is is the $20 the amount after converted from USD into SGD? Sorry first time purchasing so kinda confused with the currency differences. Thanks in advance.
  5. Is it just me to find that all the green dailies dungeons starting from Naryu Temple at the desert place all the way are impossible to solo? Since they are removed from the cross server dungeons, FINE, but shouldn't the developer at least implement a system to change the difficulties level of the dungeons according to number of players in team? How am I supposed to cover a 2/4 man job if I solo it? What kind of sorcery is this? And you tell me to use F7, guess what, I've waited until my legs started to root on the floor and I hardly see anybody else running the dungeon. (Ps. if you wanted to remove the green dungeons from cross server, please at least check your players population first. Such low population and you are removing them, this is obviously killing new players man, how are you expect us to do it). How about I threw you a fight and I asked 10 of my friends to gank you? This is exactly what happened in the dungeons. I happily killed the small mobs around the boss and going to kill the boss and BOOM, they respawned and my aoe is still on cd. I was RAPED, literally RAPED. Don't tell me to find a clan or whatsoever as my timezone hardly matched with those in NA/EU. I am saying that there should at least be a system to change difficulties level based on the number of players in team. Sorry for the rants as I was too depressed.
  6. Hello all, been trying TERA for the past few days and decided to came back for BnS due to my overspinning fans sounds and enormous of heat when launching TERA compared to BnS client. I don't want to spoil my laptop. So, I wanted to restart everything from scratch. May I know which is the most populated server for now and which side should I choose, CERU or CRIMS? (My timezone is GMT +8) Any friendly guilds out here mind to help the newcomer as I don't mind to endless grinding to farm for gears. Thanks in advance.
  7. Destroyer needs skill improvement

    Hello, I am going to main my destroyer. Just checking with you that how was the gameplay for destroyer from 30+ onwards? Because I was having hard time with my FM from the place outside Altar of Champion all the way to Boghon hideout dungeon and finally, I was too depressed then I decided to ditch her as she died way too easily and a single damage from mob will give me a heart attack. May I know is destroyer able to solo all the dungeons starting from relic core onwards without much pots for HP regen or heart attack from mobs? Because I am the kind of player who do not like to die easily and if possible see the hp bar of the boss drops slightly above average. Also, how is destroyer doing in SSP? (Don't ask me to play SUM cause I don like lyn) Thanks in advance.
  8. Game, Rewards, PVP, PVE, Community, New Players

    Hello there, the only thing that get me confused on my FM is I actually did all the side quests and retake the same dailies locations multiple times and I think my progress is really really slow enough already. But somehow, I do not know why, the monsters outside Altar of Champion could easily kill my FM and I got frustrated so much until I lost interest. She's level 33 FM with up-to-date weapon, accessories all those and blight soul shield set, currently HP was 4.9k. When I 1v1 with the mobs there, each time they hit me was like 20% HP gone. Is that normal?
  9. Game, Rewards, PVP, PVE, Community, New Players

    Hey, my main is destroyer level 25 (I owned level 33 FM but shes too squishy and I hit bottleneck as in she even died from 1v1 normal mobs so yeah, kinda ditched her) and I often heard that melee has the disadvantages at the late game. Besides that, I know that the pirate path is already removed after the 1st June patch. So I was thinking does the so-called moonstone from SSP is related to the pirate path? Or it is one of the materials to upgrade to the legendary stage of weapon? I am currently still low level so I do not know what are the moonstones for and this got me worried. Let's say I am melee and I do not do PvP at all, can all my gears slowly farm by PvE to reach the last stage? Farm by PvE as in doing some dailies but not from marketplace or PvP. I really hated PvP.
  10. Hey all, newcomer here. My weapon was not on the whatsover called pirate path or something like that before the 1st June patch, so does that means I won't be affected by this? Also, if I am affected, may I know is there a way to farm the moonstone via PvE as a melee? I ain't a PvP player but if PvP is the only way, I think I should quit soon.
  11. Seeking advice from expert destroyer players

    Hey all, sorry just short question regarding the ani-cancel. Currently, my judgement was T2 (lack of skill point) whereas cleave is T4S3. I key binded my LMB and RMB to R and T so I can spam continuously without failing. However, the problem is I still need to pots like twice or thrice when I solo the breakthrough accessories. The way I played is I 1 to stun the boss then start spamming ani-cancel without moving. After a while, I 2 and Z and start spamming again. But somehow, the boss managed to hit me sometimes and my HP dropped so fast. Was wondering if i am playing correctly? Because I thought when you spam ani-cancel there is a passive regen HP? I am level 20 now using Blight soul shield set from Blackram Narrow, weapon and accesories are all up-to-date.
  12. Seeking advice from expert destroyer players

    But I am curious about destroyer at the late game. May I know the role of a destroyer is just mainly a grabber or he can do both of the grab and damage at the same time? Because so far from what I've seen, destroyers are kinda slow in attacking.
  13. Hello all, I am new to destroyer and I just leveled mine to 16 just now. The only thing that got me hanging was the damage by destroyer because I am mainly a solo PvE player and I do not do PvP at all. So, I added my first 3 precious points into RMB and went to solo the dungeons at Jadestone Village. My clear time was surprisingly slow, I guess around 8-9 minutes? Did not really check on that but I felt that it's really slow if compared with my BD clear time. The most importantly was that I've used around 4 pots (which I think I shouldn't because I managed to solo with my FM without using any pots at all and the clear time was quite fast). I am pretty sure I am playing destroyer wrongly so I am here to seek some advice. The thing that I did was I move in circle (kite like FM play style), LMB RMB Tab rinse and repeat. I used grab sometimes if I did not miss the space button. So far I think I couldn't perform the ani-cancel yet cause I might need 1 more point to add into the RMB skill. Also, I wonder why sometimes after I grabbed the boss but I could not press F to execute lifesteal? All I can do is grab then Z to smack it down to the floor. And most of the time when I encountered the boss, I pressed 2 or Z but I could not seemed to grab them even though I saw the sort of like 'green shadow' after I landed a hit on the boss. I am really interested in destroyer and decided to change my main from FM to destroyer. My current weapon was up-to-date, waiting for level 20 breakthrough only. Please point out my mistakes which I think especially the skill rotation part. Thanks in advance.
  14. Is this game PvP-based?

    I see I see so is it still advisable to play as a melee? As in I can do some basic gold farm, weapon breakthrough to final stage etc etc. I am more of a casual player than hardcore player though. Need not to be a lot of gold but sufficient stuffs/gold for me to survive. Because I got problem solo-ing those green dungeons starting from the sentinel ruins onward so I was thinking if BD would do better than FM.
  15. Is this game PvP-based?

    Let's say if I do not do PvP at all, am I still able to upgrade my weapon to oathbreaker and farm gold?