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  1. Premium transformation stone

    Elysian orbs have a high drop rate in dt/ec hard mode
  2. grab only lasts 6 seconds i don't see why you're so bothered by it. and bd's ultimate grab isn't a grab, it only applies restraint for 4 seconds
  3. Sum Ultimate move: party time

    Status effects are knockdown, knockback, stun and daze.
  4. Male Fashion Issues

    Some male outfits do have questionable design choices, but I love cold comfort on my male lyn. He's been wearing it since it came out.
  5. Male Fashion Issues

    just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's universally hated, not everything is going to cater for you. i think the little claws on cold comfort are cute.
  6. Any roleplaying clans on server Zulia?

    people actually roleplay in this game?
  7. Some of us actually enjoy cosmetic things, and it's part of our enjoyment of the game. Please enlighten me as how to looking forward to a feature that will provide more customization and enjoyment is being "idiots that are crazy and desperate over outfits." Honestly dude just let people enjoy things.
  8. got dc, now i can't even connect to log in
  9. if it comes here they're going to make it cost ncoin or something
  10. it's even worse after the maintenance
  11. AFK = Kick!

    a group could easily kick a player they don't want before a loot auction, or kick during bidding. it's just a bad idea in general to give a community like this that much power. also, how do you plan on defining who's afk and who's not? they could just be loading in or lagging.
  12. AFK = Kick!

    too easily abusable
  13. @ Developers: Please balance summoner

    if you would have said summoner was op many patches ago i would agree but they've been nerfed several times. you also seem to have forgotten summoner has a direct counter, destroyer. without the cat health there's literally no point in having a cat because it's basically a mini tank for the summoner. edit; grammar
  14. @ Developers: Please balance summoner

    just out of curiosity, have you actually played summoner?