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  1. Which legendary wep?

    Kfm always goes baleful, Wind or Fire
  2. Nebula's for Rift/dawn stage 7-9.

    Jon specifically said until stage 6, its on his Twitter
  3. Need help with Weapon?

    Due to recent updates, you must now salvage your weapon in order to proceed, you will be able to upgrade your weapon then.
  4. Midnight Legendary Soulshields

    Alright I understand, so as a kfm I'll need all 8 pieces and farm quite a bit heh, Thanks =)
  5. So as you guys know, the midnight petal is just around the corner and I would like to ask a few questions. 1) What soul shields will we be able to get, and What are the max stats for them (Kfm Here) 2) What will be the BiS soulshield at this current moment (Once midnight comes out) 3) Will they be hard to get? Or just takes time (I dont mind farming) Thanks that will be all :)
  6. Making Money From Crafting?

    Quick question, what is the best way to make quick money from crafting at this current moment?
  7. July 20 Changes

    A quick question, do the people get compensated for all the exp that they will be missing out on, by doing main act 4, before this new patch?
  8. Will we get this outfit soon?

  9. Completely agree with what Kaze here had said, SSP are quite if not very challenging for us Melee classes. As a kfm, I find myself giving up instantly if there are more than 15 people doing boars. With 90% of ssp that are ranged, spamming their skills and us melee that have to iframe every second of the fight, getting credit is challenging. A solution would be great from ncsoft, perhaps damage that needs to be dealt for melee need to be tweaked a little, maybe even bring Ap as a consideration, E.g Higher Ap, more dmg need to be dealt. Sick of running ssp and coming out empty handed, this needs to be changed.
  10. Legendary Weapon Stage 1 Costing $600....

    Hence its called Legendary, not everyone is supposed to have it. Take it easy, enjoy the game, take in everything it has to offer, join a friendly clan, socialise, and before you know it, You'll have your wep.
  11. Legendary Weapon Stage 1 Costing $600....

    Also this game requires to actually PLAY the game, and not pay to play, if you dont like the grind and the farming of the mats, you should just quit mmorpg's all together. Bns doesn't require you to spend a Cent in the game. What it does require, is the actual time and effort. If you are planning on spending money on a game, why play? Obviously a little money doesnt hurt, in order to reward the game developers for a free to play game, but to spend it on upgrading a "600 euro costing weapon upgrade" is just absurd.