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  1. Finally.. Revenge!

    Guess I better prepare for the worst or stop paying premium. Pffft.
  2. Lol It's funny you say that. I just made a post saying the exact same thing with a lot more words. I'm pretty sure NCsoft's aware of that though and they don't consider it a solution. How could they? The way BnS is designed money and in-game currency is tied together and functions as something of a backbone to the game's features. I mean...You can litterally buy a new character slot with in-game currency if you wanted to. ( It'd probably take a lot of work but it's theoretically possible.) Someone brought up a good point in personal talk, but...This game is ten years old. The code of BnS is so well known now by that circle of people that it's kind of not surprising anymore if you think about what's actually going on. The fact that NA's version of BnS came out so late is likely part of the reason it's being hit so hard by bots. In fact I kind of wonder if that's WHY it took so long. Though I do know a little backstory behind some of that, there were actual 'polticial' reasons behind NA's late release. I believe China had it in their agreement that they'd get it before we did. At least that was one of the rumors I've heard.
  3. Yeeeeeah. That's what it's looking like too. Lol It's really starting to look like NCsoft has no idea what it's doing or even knows where to BEGIN with dealing with these guys. I almost feel bad for them, but at the same time I'm starting to wonder if maybe they're LETTING this kind of stuff happen. I dunno, man. This is the worst I've ever seen, most MMOs I've played don't suffer near as much with bots as BnS does.
  4. What's horrible is what probably actually happened was NCsoft got duped into thinking you were one of the gold farmers and hackers. That's actually a tactic used to ruin PR. No joke. I'm really sorry you had to go through that. That said if NCsoft DID *cricket* up and ban you themselves over a false positive they're not even willing to properly examine? They're shooting themselves in the foot. Two possibilities two different perspectives. You're welcome to choose whichever you wish. Wow so the gold farmers got into the resistances and anti-knockdown code. That's unfortunate. This is really making me question BnS's code integrity. xD
  5. Most people that read this probably already comprehend this pretty well, so I'm not going to be long here. Also I apologize but my title is going to be slightly misleading because RMT isn't really the only problem here, it's really more like the approtch NCsoft and Blood Lust have taken toward trying to turn a profit : MMO economies run on three things items, players who need those items, and people willing to sell those items. As long as there is an item worth selling there are going to be people to buy that item regardless of the price. If you create items of worth and put them in a cashshop people are going to use real money to buy them. If people who don't have money encounter people who do have money they will do one of two things : Cry salty tears or find an alternative. NCSoft's decision to add its own form of RMT might actually be hurting the game, because it enables the gold farmers a means to competitively open the door to the 'have nots' in a way that could in the end actually be destructive to the game. Granted it's not always the 'have nots', let's not be naive about this. If it's cheaper to buy gold and convert it to Hongmoon coin than it is to buy the items straight off the cashshop, NCsoft's problem is obvious. Honestly IMO? NCsoft and Bloodlust's biggest mistake was selling anything in cashshop that wasn't just simply cosmetic and making it available in anyway other than simply putting in effort to the game. I mean effort that DOESN'T include the in-game economy like it does now. You've opened this door, Loves. You have no one to blame but yourselves. Well yourselves and the idiots buying gold. Sorry this is longer than I meant for it to be.
  6. Really? That's actually an interesting bit of information. Are they resisting in an unatural way? Like they're not using skills or anything?
  7. Even though that's not as effective as I'd love it to be, I still love the fact that you're doing this. Please kill more bots.
  8. Finally.. Revenge!

    I'm curious too actually. I wonder if these bots are considered 'sophisticated'? Anyway, yeah I think it'd help everyone out if you just completely blocked out chat in Tutorial areas. Pretty much just see if you can't talk the KR devs into removing chat from the beginner area. No one's going to be in there with you and there's no one to talk to in there. It has no reason to be in there. Unless of course the thought that just came to me isn't just a crazy conspiracy theory. lmao Hoo boy.
  9. The People Need to Know!

    I honestly doubt you're going to be banned for this, but if you are we'll at least know NCsoft really worried about their PR. (They should be, but not like that.) Anyway the RMT and bot problem isn't simple problem for any game, games do in fact flop under poor management, and yes Game Publishing Companies try to make money from the games they 'sell'. This isn't new information. In fact you're right, people do need to know this. They should know this from the get go. I think you've really only informed maybe a few noobs and anyone that might have wondered if you were pissed. As for NCsoft being a big bad money grabbing and schemeing tyrant...Whilst probably true I can't really get too mad at them for trying to pay their employees and turn a profit---since that's basically what a business in Publishing is under any scope. Doesn't mean they don't need to clean up their act in places, not at all, but I do think that perhaps you need to sit back and look at what you're complaining about. Last post for this thread. My two cents is given, good luck at the vending machine.
  10. At this point I'm not sure NCsoft will be able to so easily stop the gold farmers and hackers. Just 'getting them out already' clearly isn't an option. Their ban wave previously only allotted us a short reprieve of bots flooding our chat channels. That probably means NCsoft either isn't efficiently using all ofGame Guard's features, there are actually too many gold farm companies/methods/people currently trying to turn a profit at the expense of BnS' popularity, or the companies that ARE creating bots and other hacks have figured out something crucial about BnS' code that makes adjustments relatively (Not ACTUALLY) simple to edit. The thing people don't understand is that bots and hackers aren't a simple problem. If hackers and the like were a simple problem not only would we know everything about them, but there would be no MMO that's ever suffered a hacker's crap for longer than an hour at best. Especially those, such as gold farmers, whom actively hurt a game publishing company's bottomline and scare off their customer base. I don't think it's that NCsoft doesn't care, it's very clear that they're struggling and possibly are dealing with some very creative professionals. If you really want to get angry at anyone you should be mad at people whom give the gold farmers incentive for infiltrating game code and flooding our channels with advertisements : The players whom actually buy their gold. It must not be obvious enough for the people doing it, but...'I'm only one person, buying a little gold isn't going to hurt anyone' is a very stupid thought. If you're doing it 100 more people are doing it. If you don't think you're the problem and you're purchasing gold, I think you need to really pause and think about your life choices. Lol Because if you're dumb enough to do this, you've probably *cricket*ed up somewhere else in life pretty seriously too.