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  1. Zen bean trader

    So now that I have full legendary PvP SS, I don't need to buy galaxy fragments with zen beans. And while looking through trade list I realized that there isn't really anything I need. And that got me thinking. Maybe NCSoft should add new rewards? I mean yes offals/HM secret techniques are good stuff, but it takes really long time to farm it and if you already have em you won't. Soulstone pouch is 2k beans and as I can't get higher than gold it's not really that much, 30 soulstones, I can run a dungeon and get enough gold to buy it. And if you are not interested in outfit there really isn't anything to buy. So what about a honorary ornament for lets say 5k beans? Or evolved stone? Or maybe some storage/mandate resets? I don't about rest of the players, but I think that there should be more good rewards from PvP.
  2. 1586 entries and it is "short list" :D Imagine if NCSoft would actually give a legit reason to spend $$ officially instead of buying gold.
  3. Oh boi, oh boi, oh boi, this is some hot stuff. It would be nice to see all gold buyers getting burned.
  4. GOLD

    You can't really make 400g each day. Unless RNG is really good for you. Now theoretically if you have max amount of alts and max crafting guilds on every on them (merry potters/radiant ring/soul wardens) and craft all good stuff like STS from merry potter, hexagonal pouches from radiant ring, soulshields from soul wardens, and sell everything, you could make some nice profit, but that requires a shitload of dedication.
  5. some math behind Icy Treat Chest

    Ehh I'd say RNG is not that bad.
  6. New Player/Least Playble class

    1)This is just purely my opinion, but I think classes are almost equally played. Tho in PvE you'll see less of dests, but plenty of em in PvP. 2)Economy is... I don't even know. Good I'd say? 3)If you have a lot of time to do daily grinding and have enough of patience to filter out all elitists.
  7. So lately I've been getting this while trying to inspect other players Anyone else have/had this problem and knows how to fix it?
  8. Wonderful Merchant

    Where in the actual *cricket* I wrote that I want 100% rate and loot? I'm just saying that loot 99% is absolute shit which no-one needs
  9. Ho ho ho, *cricket* you all, said the merch. Is this is supposed to be some sort of joke or what? Who even comes up with this shit? It's like Christmas mood all over the place so maybe we could get at least decent merchs... One thing to notice is the prices. Like really 1g for weapon box? In what universe is that fair price?
  10. Holy shit. Once again NCSoft must have drastically lowered chances to get those stones. They want dem wipes from whales for soul.
  11. Ye thats a complete bullshit, all of those skills would 100-0 in second.
  12. As long as they keep these skills out of PvP.
  13. Ahh new dungeon smell. Can't wait till maintenance is done. I bet it will take less than 30mins to see first "700AP+ Only EXP, link achiev" shout in F8.
  14. Whenever I see post like this the only thing I can think of is that OP has no idea how to play their class and counter sin. Lemme tell you a little secret about how to counter sin in 6v6/1v1: USE YOUR *cricket* BRAINS Whenever someone is trying to cap/decap horn smoke appears and signals that someone is doing something to horn. If you are too busy trying to kill someone and keep PvPing while smoke is going on then it is your problem. Tired of being unable to see sin in stealth? Well GUESS WHAT! This next trick will shock 99% of BnS population: Open your eyes and look around. Its so *cricket* easy to see where sin or SM in stealth is running. Tired of sin getting into stealth 24/7? Well GUESS WHAT! This next trick will shock 99% of BnS population: Stop attacking into counter. It is so obvious that it is your own fault if you can't stop and think for a second. Well you will never see high rank PvP player complaining about counter because they actually think. Smoke can put sin into stealth for 10sec with 1min30sec CD. Fighting spirit will buff and give stealth for 15sec with 1min30sec CD. Some high lvl sins can burst you down within that time, but only if you are some pleb with PvE SS pretending to be a superman. Now of course if you have 0 cdef, close to none def, mostly do PvE and get matched against 700AP full leg PvP SS you will get rekt hard. But that's the problem with matchmaking system not class itself. Need some tips how to remove sin from stealth? Dest/BD just keep spinning 24/7. Not that they can do anything else. FM/SF/SM Pew pew pew. No seriously that's all you need. BM Fire build. WL Wingstorms, bastion. KFM The only class which has it harder, but smartly timed ground pound (Or whatever it is called) will do the trick. Sin Poison/Mine/3/Lighting stride.
  15. 78th run of DTomb, No Draken Necklace so Far

    Ye it took me 150 runs to see first neck, keep grinding.
  16. You might have hibernated for few months, but now BM is top DPS.
  17. Looking at this and comparing to oath neck seems like a huge loss. No cdmg, crit. Is that element dmg so good that it will compensate or will it get cdmg and crit stats on later stages?
  18. .-. -.- .-. Sounds like it will be for extra whales
  19. Will legendary soul require current stage 5 for evolve?
  20. Effective gold farm for 600+?

    Best would be to farm 4Citadel, gives ornaments and with good party you can clear it fast. Also once in a blue moon ring will drop so that's good income.
  21. Soul is the most useless thing in the game, especially stage 5. Thats just complete waste of gold. Well ok stage 2 can be useful in the beginning of the game, but later total waste of gold.
  22. How long can this last?

    Well you should create an alt and level it up to 650 if you think it is that easy.
  23. How long can this last?

    Getting 650 AP is easy?? Please, enlighten me.
  24. 800$ O_O Well I won't judge others how they spend their money, but if you are willing to drop that amount you should be well aware that you won't always get what you want. And it is logical to assume that NCSoft lowered RNG before they put up that key sale, even though they will never admit that.