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  1. Dear Team Bloodlust, Dear Players, Since I started playing the game a few days ago after 2 years of inactivity, i have noticed very bad performance. After some digging around all of my settings, I have pinpointed the problem down to my Nvidia Graphics Driver Version 431.60. tldr: you will get way better performance if you use the driver version 418.91 or something older and maybe a little bit newer. So here is how I tested my theory, that it would be my driver having an issue: First some specs of my PC: - Windows 10 Ver. 1903 - Nvidia GTX 1080Ti - i7 8700K - 16GB DDR4 RAM - 100Hz Monitor I had about 35 Frames on average and medium graphic settings, which i figured was inacceptible with the power i have. So i looked at the task manager and saw, that my graphics card wasn't even at 10% usage. After some fiddeling around in the Nvidia settings and not getting any useful results, I tried to uninstall my graphics driver and reinstalled it, because it may be broken, but the issue did'nt vanish. So I tried installing an older Version of the Nvidia Driver (Version 418.91) and voulà, it worked! Now I can play at 100fps at all max settings. It's probatly an issue with some kind of communication of game data not getting loaded correctly with the newest drivers. I also confirmed my theory about a driver issue not only being a problem for me, but also for all other players with nvidia cards by also installing an older driver version on his pc, because he also suffered from very bad performance (only having about 2 frames/sec). He has a Nvidia GTX 1070 and is playing on Windows 10 64bit. In his case I tried another driver version (Version 417.35) but it also worked and now he's playing at a constant 60 fps. At some point Nvidia probatly added some "feature" in their driver which broke the communication and compatibility with the game. This has probably happened somewhere between the Version 418.91, Released 2/13/2019 and Version 431.60, Released 7/23/2019. I hope you guys understand that it's not my task to check with Version it exactly was. I also hope that this will help with all the performance issues i read about in the forums the last couple of weeks. Greetings, Horanjo