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  1. Act IX Chapter 17 Bug!

    I've killed that little dumb arse Ryu over 5 times now and the stupid idiot just resets and runs back to his original spot. This game is riddled with bugs. I thought maybe it was timed and I didn't kill him fast enough, so I made damn sure I slayed it quicktime and he STILL reset! WTF man?! Maybe try and fix all the bugs in this game instead of spending all the time thinking up rubbish to sell in cash shops to milk people of their money?
  2. Fortune Falls Fishing Hook One-Time Compensation

    Oh! So that's why my loot is vanishing?! 2 days in a row my loot has vanished into thin air, and I thought it was the games fault.. well actually it is if they allow other players to loot people's stuff! What a bloody joke! Now I remember why I left this game for a year! As for the scumbags looting other people's stuff, I'm sure that there's a way to track them down and ban them, but knowing this game and the people that run it they can't be bothered and just let ripped off players go swivel!
  3. Goldleaf Foundry "Red Mask"

    Well some people got it after 5 runs and I'm happy for them. No need to be bitter :P
  4. Goldleaf Foundry "Red Mask"

    Finally got mine after about 100 runs over 3 days!