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  1. Just dont , dont return . Unless you wanna be a slave , doing daylies all day , strugling in order to gather materials and on top of that ,having major lag spikes at the worst possible times .
  2. dc`s again

    Same here , MANY random freezes and even DCs at the most inappropriate momments
  3. this ap requirements are making me nuts...

    What AP is exactly ? The AP you get by upgrading the weapon is TOO MUCH (21AP per upgrade) but contributes only in attack power . Jewels increase AP by 3 per level but contribute in many different area , defence,etc . Most people focus upgrading their weapons , ending up with 600+ players with crap defences - aka shit . -And then you wonder during the dungeon , "why did that "guy" got 1HKO ? that doesnt make sense - Another example is the AP gems ow god that a totally messed up story of noobs having their AP increased cause of gems that they .....hmmm..... paid to get . AP is a very orbitrary way of "measuring" OVERALL stats , imo its not good way but at least it is a FAST way . So yea , if 700+AP ensures ME that these "categories" of players will stay outside of an important dungeon , of course i will take it and embrace it .
  4. Long story short Friend joined after months , his current weapon is Awakened Pirate So how to weapon will enter the right path? It must become True Pirate and after that it will be breeze? Or he must start from scratch ?
  5. I really am a terrible player ...

    Well if you managed to reach these dungeons at your age is quite an accomplisment . I bet you have a sharp mind considering that i have seen 25-30s failing in more obvious situations . Keep playing :P
  6. Seems like it worked , thanks :D
  7. Yesterday i didnt played alot to realise it , but today the game feels like sh it . Having 200+/- 50ms , almost 60fps but getting frequent ...VERY frequent screen freezes out of nowhere . Anyone else facing this problem ? And if yes , is there any solution ?
  8. New BD HM skill (3 offals)

    So , flaming scourge , dps path +recovers aditional focus upon critical hit (okey i get it) +increases critical damage by 10% (i get that too) +increases lighting damage on equipement by 40% during flaming scourge , then +100 I think my english isnt THAT bad , but i am having a hard time to fully understand whats the benefit and if its worth getting the skill Does that means that i will get 40% more power ?ex. Hitting for 10k to 14k? Or something more that have to do with future upgrades ?
  9. Feedback over the new patch

    After the new patch , i felt weird The game suddenly became SO MUCH TIRING So many time consuming things were inserted , so many crap items to fill out not-paid-to-max inventories So much fcking RNG !!! Seriously NCsoft? Adjust the game to our player standars, do we look like crazy people ? And dont get me wrong , i am the type of guys that play 7-8hours each day
  10. July 20 Changes

    I got 244 blue orbs in my bank , you know why? Because i used NONE of them . The current exchange items for these blue orbs if insane , they need too many of them for WORTHLESS items . Flower of lament ? Farm 5 petals ..... usually bid 1~2g [cost :21 days worth of dailies] Weapon chests? Just farm the dungeon? [cost :10 days worth of dailies] Exp charm ..... why would you take that? [cost :5 days worth of dailies] HM skill consumables ? Cant you get 1250 achievement points and buy them with naryu ? [cost :5 days worth of dailies] Nayu tablet ? Usually you bid 1-2g for it [cost :4 days worth of dailies]

    Ow really ? Then why they su ck so much ? After EVERY maintance things are worse than before High ping everwhere Failed to merge , if you consider that as a merge Killing a game

    Well , thats the pathetic part ....

    10+ years of experiance company . yea xD
  14. Ingame ping meter

    Thats me xD Normal ping = 200-250 Sometimes get 150-200 and i am really happy But most times i feel like playing with over 9000 ping although the ping meter shows "less"
  15. Ken & Gen help

    As a fellow BD Passing to the other side is a piece of cake Press tab , then press F Congrats , you have immunity for 2seconds Move in the steam , then press X to rush on Ken/Gen EZPZ