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  1. AP requirements

    Then drama will ensues
  2. How do i get such massive hp?

    Get soul shield+pet=massive hp.
  3. AP requirements

    Buy at f5
  4. AP requirements

    To op, in this game ping is the king, no matter how high your ap is, if you have 300 ms+ you will deal alot less dps than players who has ping below 50 ms. Secondly, if you have low ap, please by the love of god go make your own group and specify your own ap requirement, that way people don't just kick you out from the room. Of course if you party with players who have high ap, they will most likely kick you out, as they want to get the instance done in very short time and not baby sit you. With that being said, most of the mechanics in here are easily learnable, since this is pure action type mmorpg, not like WoW, where they have a "skill queueing" system. So again, ping is key.
  5. Legendary Weapon Stage 1 Costing $600....

    Look at the last streams by the producer, it made you want to throw something at their face, when they don't even play their own game. So sad really, developer that has no passion toward their own game.
  6. Legendary Weapon Stage 1 Costing $600....

    Welcome to the endless life on grinding in BnS, wait till you see the mats cost from stage 3 to 4, you will scream till all the glasses in your house shatters.
  7. Really? More p2w?

    *pops popcorn*, loves to read a good drama, keep going guys!
  8. Discrimination of LOW Attack Power in Battleground!

    You have to do it one way or another, cause it drops breakthrough weapon and accessories. Guess what, its wild wild west with no gear equalization
  9. Its just basic economy really, supply and demand. Just be grateful that auction house is cross server, now imagine if auction house is server based. Everything would be extremely high price.
  10. Discrimination of LOW Attack Power in Battleground!

    Lol this game is not moba yo. Like many have stated above if you want gear equalization go play arena or tag team matches, nothing stopping you from playing that mode. This is mini owpvp, and for your future reference Hell Island is not gear equalized match as well, hence all the top guild in their respective servers are forming alliances, google on that map. Its GvGvG vs mobs and bosses. And offers phat lootz. p.s Good luck farming that map if your guild are too sucky or too casual. You will get roflstomped so hard.
  11. Well I need to vent

    Thats why have to keep fishing man, or just join your server hardcore/end game clan. Sure they are tough and probably strict as hell, but those guild gets the job done. As for Sundered Nexus, I may be right or wrong, but I got the infos from my guildies that have played extensively in china and tw server for long period of time. Our first bonus ap was in naryu lab, second was from yeti. Asura doesn't give ap bonus, now sundered nexus looks to be correct given how the instance needs bunch of coordination. And the lay out looks like naryu lab ver 2.0😀 Anyway just wait for it, if it does requires to farm 100x then so be it, if it doesn't give ap then yay lol. Tbh not looking forward to instances that needs stupid rng on doors leading to different route.
  12. Well I need to vent

    Thats why just go premade man, my earlier remark are not there for crap and giggle. Yeti is the first "pay attention or you die scenario". By now if ppl are paying attention they ought to succeed. Asura twin babies is another retard check, I've seen lots of pugs fails on that, then Asura himself is pretty much pay attention and don't screw up the bloom. Now Sundered nexus is another step up from previous dungeon, just pay attention on the mechanics, if you fail or wipe, make sure that the wipe doesn't goes to waste. Remember what you did wrong and improve from that. Now sorry to say F8 are just fails trolls that don't want to learn. Those 580++ ap doesn't guarantee everything, unless they have achievement like 100 yeti run or twisted fury. Nobody is going to carry you if you fail each time doing the 100 yeti 4 man run to get that 7 ap bonus. 1 slight mistakes boot in the face. p.s. You need to run 100 sundered nexus 4 man to get the next 12 ap bonus.
  13. Well I need to vent

    Make a premade, problem solved. If they still screw up then its on you for bringing scrub ppl.😀
  14. The Problem with Blade & Soul

    @Drakor The only way for you to solve your day to day BnS problem, is to create and manage your own guild. That way you can find and draft like minded players and just do stuffs together. It has been a problem in any modern Mmorpg, since the dawn of Everquest 1 to WoW. There are always be 1 side that is casual and another side which is semi hardcore to hardcore, and these two just don't mix well. You have to think fairly tbh, think about those players that are on the other side, they sure want to get more contents for them. Now if you are on their shoes, would you still be saying all these stuffs like your previous thread above? I agree that contents are thrown at fast speeds, regardless of that I still manage to play 3 characters at max level without having to resort to burning your credit card. Its just a matters of finding static party. And not rely on f8.
  15. Discrimination of LOW Attack Power in Battleground!

    Learn 2 read the requirement, if they ask for 580+/600+ and you are below that 90% of the time they will kick you out. If you want to play at your range then go create the room yourself, pretty sure if someone with 480 something you will also kick them out.