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    Hi hi ,how are you? For Pve and Pvp I prefer Lightning BD is better than the Wind BD, mainly because Lightning can deal pretty good dps even without much gear whereas wind requires alot of funding to make it good. but It will still fall slightly behind to Lightning in long fights but Wind has better burst than Lightning as long as you have the right equip I suggest that you play what you like. BD is top tier in terms of DPS with BT gear, but once Vortex Temple hits, BDs will fall to the bottom.but NC is constantly balancing the classes around so play with the element that you like the most
  2. warlock or sin alt?

    Sin is my main class,but is a class for low ping to play ,and you need 3 hands to press Rmb and F much faster you can and 4 in the lighting build,the hard part in that class is stay in Dogde every time,another advantage is top of DPS in BNS And Wl is a range class in Pve is good ,that class doesn't need high ping to play like sin,is easy to level because, you can kill a lot enemies without receiving any damage ,if you use serafin weapon the class you be the best in heal yourself ,Pvp is so good too
  3. Bns on desktop icon is not working,Help!

    Thanks so much bro The problem was my internet connection ,I solved it!
  4. Since yesterday,I can't play the icon is not working and I clicked and nothing happens.I never have that problem.I stayed up all night looking for a solution,and I find nothing.Anyone have this problem? How can I solved this problem?
  5. Class Destroyer is good to PvP?

    Hi my friends, tell something about class destroyer.I never played to Destroyer class in B&S. Destroyer is that he is rather slow and has low single target DPS. Is that true?What you thing about that? Class Destroyer is the best in PvP or PvE? And what is good class to PvP?
  6. How can I get hongmoon coin?

    Thanks to replys You help me a lot! See you later! Good luck my friends!
  7. How can I get hongmoon coin?

    Guys,I'm new in the game. I need to spend money to obtain the Hongmoon coins? Or have other methods?