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  1. Hello All, I began playing B&S yesterday. I'm playing a sorcerer, enjoy "glass cannon" type casters, and am not overly interested in PvP though would like to do it on occassion. Thus far, my experience has been mixed. A couple of questions and notes: Graphics are beautiful. I enjoyed the intro. and storyline quite a bit. NPC's have personalities, I like it. Collision detection seems odd (possibly buggy). In the Bamboo village I could quite literally walk through boulders, whereas elsewhere I could not. Is that normal? I.e. some objects are just intentionally set with no collision, or is this a bug? I was also able to glide to areas where I'd be "stuck" and have to jump/glide out of. There were more obvious bots with unpronouncable random strings for names than actually people in town. I read it is worse in PvP.... I don't want to do PvP because I'm either beating easy bots, or losing to tough ones. It defeats the purpose of a game. Can you play this game and just ignore them? Combat and controls were utterly awkward for me to the point of frustration. I'm left-handed and play with a left-handed mouse. My thoughts are to slowly remap the keys to the other side of the keyboard. But even if I play "right-handed" it is kind of confusing. Does this get easier in time? Any left-handers out there? Any advice/suggestions appreciated. The game looks great, but I'm kind of concerned about the weird glitches and bots and stuff. Controls... I'll make do. Thanks, z