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  1. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    that's hilarious it's even making more ppl mad than the 12 man announce, which just has come "later" you make people losing hundreds and thousands of gold just because you decided to make a last minute change (to obviously get more profit of future sells) you are saying to make gems "more easy to get" and at the other hand "to many gem powders trough radiant energy would make them to cheap" it's not like the market is fluctuating, they weren't on 17g BEFORE the change without a reason after this decision the will be at 30-50g for sure (except spamming then in daily f10 offers of course) so please exchange those for the promised gem powders or balance the gold to ~15'ish
  2. Suche Gilde

    Ich hab die Klanrekrutierungen vor einiger Zeit mal durchgelesen und wollte einfach mal diesen Klan anmerken, den ich zwar nicht kenne, der aber laut eigener Beschreibung perfekt zu dir passen könnte. :)ü30-klang Freundliche Grüße Bajiru