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  1. Game's population

    Wait for trove, the playerbase will be 10000. I don't think it is only bnsbuddy count, because if you refresh you can see it changes every second. Looks like legit online playerbase.
  2. It will give it a huge boost in popularity. Right now game's good but not as popular as it can be due to lack of advertizing. And instead of wasting time on google ads, just put the game on steam and it will have a huge playerbase. I don't know why you are so passive NCWest, just talk to Ncsoft and explain them how Steam dominates the Western playerbase and that it will be cheap and a huge boost to put it there. Come on guys, stop being so passive and do something !
  3. It appears you are under-handed to support both NA and EU, why not sell the rights to 4game EU ? Has this proposal been thought of ?
  4. Your official stance on boosting and account sharing is that its not allowed. Please spend the necessary ressources to take action against such illicit behavior that kill every bit of sportsmanship left in this game. Remove seasonal rewards on all ladders for those flagged as boosted for 2 seasons. It won't hurt your sales and discourage people to buy boost. To those clueless about what I'm talking about, Arena is infested with boosters.
  5. Hello could you forward this idea ? The idea is simple, make a third faction : Clans. -Wearing clan outfit will make you flagged as hostile for people who wear clan outfit in other clans than yours. Since the factions are imbalanced, opvp is non-existent. This suggestion would re-vive open-world pvp. TLDR; Need new faction "clan" that make you flagged as hostile for other clan members who wear clan outfit or something similar.
  6. Ok I asked support to change, they refuse to do it. I won't pay 700+ gold to change my weapon path lol.
  7. Under the premise that it is in your company's ability to promote fairness, I beg of you to implement the ability to change the weapon path from seraph to baleful through support. My reasoning is that given soulburn no longer resets skills, seraph weapon path is worthless. And we will not receive the KR changes that make seraph path procc on-hit (we have when hit). This is game-breaking and I am relying on your judgement on the situation to make an exception to the rule of not changing weapon paths given the soulburn changes change all the rules. When I went seraph path it was because SB resets skills. Now that it no longer does so, I believe it to be fair to be given a change of weapon path into baleful.
  8. So someone bypassed XIGNCODE3 2 days ago and is selling hacks that do ridiculous things and these aren't detected. Can we go back to gameguard now and drop this crap that do nothing ?
  9. XIGNCODE3 make my game crash for no reason every hour. This is unplayable, can't even do dungeons properly.
  10. XIGNCODE3 ?

    The biggest problem is XIGNCODE3 make the game start longer..much longer. Not gonna play until they remove that crap.
  11. I am not going to play a game that takes 10 years to start. Remove XIGNCODE 3 thx.