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  1. why should they increase mysterious crystals drop if they can add them to F10....... think. next sale after mysterious crystals will be floor 13 tickets.
  2. totally agree,axes looks like crap,they not even sharp,more like some blunts. look at scorpio axe wtf is that ...
  3. This glitch happens even to gm at streams when they do dungeons,so yah...u not alone
  4. want the bully aswell even tho its "green quality" drop rate is crazy......
  5. Hi,blocking general gold spammers kinda removes them from chat,but what about ppl who spams friend requests. Same person,I repeat SAME NAME sending me friend requests everyday for a good MONTH,i report him everyday,I even made a Ticket to support,but today is no exception like everyday day SAME person spams friend requests. So my question do gm's really ban gold sellers or maybe its ncsofts bot for extra cash that avoids ban?Because 30+ days everyday spam from same person?rly?
  6. this is so true,events supposed to help new player to catch up ,but all theese events like trove and merchant only boosts rich ppl even more,and those newbies left even more further behind them..honestly I do not wait for any events to come anymore
  7. and ofcourse out of all dungeons they chose the longest and most boring one "NECRO" dungoen... but wait,like previous events its on a plate for donaters,buy resets=farm 2 shortest dungeons.. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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