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  1. 700+ AP for anything above Blackram Narrows. This is final.
  2. Cerulean/Crimson Balance issue

    From what I read on other forums, this IS what they do in all the asian servers. But its the players decision, they have an agreement. This way everyone progresses faster, small faction and large faction alike, regardless of what devs wanna do or not do. Because they realize the real enemy is not that opposite faction, but the devs...who are continually working to make it harder to progress with every patch(bye-bye Pirate path).
  3. To clear up some confusion on Yeti...

    This has become a problem in all heroic dungeons. You, Sir, may have my upvote.
  4. After much careful research, aided by they insightful suggestions from man members, I have gone with BitDefender. AVG started conflicting with everything I ran. Norton, being the standard by which all AV are measured, has actually been out done by Kaspersky, BitDefender, and a few others. But Norton was always a resource hog, constantly, constantly scanning...my hard drives would never stop spinning. And normally, under normal use(torrents all day and night), I wouldn't even bother. I'm not computer illiterate. If you look around, you can find anything you want on the net for free(software wise). But with the amount of bad things happening to players on this game(hacked bank accounts), the thought of having to turn off my security suite to run his game or any other korean mmo, feels sketchy. Real sketchy. It's started to happen in Vindi too, as of the latest patch.
  5. Grind complaints...whuh??

    Grinding can be applied to EXP and leveling OR gearing. I think it pretty obvious what I'm talking about considering you can make level 45-50 in a few days. Gear...? not quite as easy. STILL, tons easier than Vindi. Next patch there needs to be the death of brynn and ferghus. But at least in Vindi, patches and new content are so few and far between that there's plenty of time to get ready for them.
  6. Grind complaints...whuh??

    Thank you. I understand now. And you are completely correct. They DO release things entirely too fast to allow for casuals to gear up for it in time.
  7. Larger breasts size

    Whoa there, Captain "reads-only-what-they-wants." If you read the rest of what the man says like: You'll understand it was a joke. So, take off your SJW(social justice warrior) underoos, and put on your +9 sense-of-humor pajamas, un-trigger yourself and relax. And please learn that "making fun of" and "harassment" are two VERY different things. Edit: but i like his idea about "boats"
  8. Grind complaints...whuh??

    Sorry to tell u bruh- its no lie: the faction dailies there are 36 ss, pull the commander at the opposing camp and defeat him = another 20 ss, meteorites and fallen soldiers are 5 ss each, if you get the quest item for intel to drop thats another 15 ss. Plus if u do enough damage you cant turn prestige in for ss pouches. 100= 5-7 ss, 300 = 20-30 ss, 500 = i dunno(my rank wont let me carry that much). meh. But I make over 100 ss per day in ssp easy..well, its hard actually - and you GOOTTA HUSTLE!! but its do-able.
  9. Grind complaints...whuh??

    K. Bye. Sent from my iphone.
  10. I keep seeing posts about how the grind is TOO MUCH. Can someone explain this for me? I mean, yeah, there is grinding required. But does anyone remember an MMO that DIDN'T have grinding required? The last I played was Vindictus. And maybe its just me, but the grinding required there was insane. BNS grinding is nothing by comparison.
  11. I feel like reporting Poharan

    Then bots would run it, continously. And the value would be 1C.
  12. Is it just a few chars or all? because i still see summs falling asleep while standing up at the dragon trader. They get drowsy, eyes droop, go closed etc.
  13. PvE is laughable.

    Um yes, I am an FM main. NO I dont find PVE hard, but fun. I'm on Poh, so the population is never low - especially in ssp. One of my alts is lvl50 sin with 440 ap. I get grindtooths box with him everyday(i was trying to not get personal). I'm not mad about anything other than gold spammers, and even they have become a mere nuisance really. Tons of posts about grindtooth? I've only seen yours. Only one getting a little salty here is you because apparently you need some git gud? But let me help you: The way to get things done in ssp with low ap is do it when most players are doing something else. Like GHS. This way there arent' so many heavy hitters killing grindtooth before you can get your 1%. The situation is basically the same for you, as you're just not making enough damage before he dies. I usually do ssp twice per char- once for the dailies and once just to milk for prestige for soulstone pouches. For grindtooth, as a melee, you need to cc as soon as you can and then just start unloading on him. As a sin, stealth in, bomb him, start stabbin the crap outta him. And he gives a ton of time teleprompting his next move, so there's really no excuse for him taking you out. And of course I'm making fun, because A: its a game and B: you're taking it way too seriously. Edit: almost forgot - #Rekt
  14. Enlightened Belt

    Took me 2 weeks of fighting him once a day, but he drops it. Just keep grinding.
  15. Need info about gender swap ticket

    Ummm... can't you just make up your mind when you're creating your character? I'm a simple man. I believe in simple solutions.