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  1. Whoa there, Captain "reads-only-what-they-wants." If you read the rest of what the man says like: You'll understand it was a joke. So, take off your SJW(social justice warrior) underoos, and put on your +9 sense-of-humor pajamas, un-trigger yourself and relax. And please learn that "making fun of" and "harassment" are two VERY different things. Edit: but i like his idea about "boats"
  2. Is it just a few chars or all? because i still see summs falling asleep while standing up at the dragon trader. They get drowsy, eyes droop, go closed etc.
  3. I don't know which is more confounding: That someone actually THOUGHT that people needed a guide on how to do this, or That people ACTUALLY needed a guide on how to do this?
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