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  1. you are somewhat right, but still a bit off. it is right that for most dungeons the requirements set by the whales are too high, but that is because they are looking for fellow whales, not normal players. but remember that whales could have set the current requirements for dungeons to 1,1k already, but i haven't seen it yet so i don't think that your concern is fully viable. but i see your point and to some degree it is true, but not true enough to truly affect the game
  2. max gems was never meant to be something that the average joe can get fast. it was meant as something that was even more tedious than the soul. if you remember how hard it was to get octaonal gems before you would know that it is now a piece of cake compared. now you actually have a viable way to get gems outside of events and having to hope that the next event would have the gem you were looking for. because of this i feel like tri-star gems is something to please the whales more than it is something meant for the mainstream audience considering that most average players have gems
  3. if RNG wasn't a thing, how would i be able to get 6 slots at baleful stage 2? just because you don't win the first price in any lottery ever doesn't mean that they were all rigged. it simply means that you have average or below average luck. as a last thing, I advice you to not blatantly throw around claims that you don't have any base for. so suck it up and continue playing like everybody else.
  4. i have bought 200 keys total and i have gotten 1 hexagonal obsidian and one hexa or hepta normal gem every 100 keys. don't know if i should be called lucky, but even if you can't buy any troves this event there are other ways to profit from this event. if you know the effect this event has on certain items in the marketplace you can guarantee 200% profit in the long run. I won't say specifically what items you can profit from even though i think most people know them already, but there are multiple ones you can invest in. i have invested 1k gold into something i know evntually w
  5. if this is all it takes for you to switch game then it honestly wasn't a game you enjoyed. i enjoy the game for what it is. if that includes waiting a bit in queue then so be it. temporary Log in queue is such a small thing that i don't unerstand why some people quit the game because of it. if i had to guess i would say that you probably eat bread instead of real dinner cause you think the extra time isn't worth it. i mean you can have meat and greens on bread so why bother to make anything more than that. honestly, does it sound realistic....?
  6. this is very subjective but basically, duelist bundle is for those who want hm skills, but don't like PvP or thos who want to dwelve right into PvP right away. the mastery bundle is for those people who want to get the pentagonal diamond and amethyst (basically new players). if you have money to spend on these then it is fully understandable to buy them, but during this event i think you should just run get the amethyst from the event and rather invest the rest into trove. the extra 7ap from diamond doesn't really justify the price of mastry bundle. at a later time it might look more good
  7. don't know why people here say that it doesn't drop. one dropped for me 1 month ago and although that was the first one i have ever seen since the dungeon was released it still goes to show that it simply is an extremely rare drop. btw, if you really wanted it just do some ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing 1v1 or 6v6 to farm battleground points or zen beans. If you have a wallet you can even buy the duelist bundle and farm the last remaining hm skills in PvP.
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