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  1. They already said they'll reimburse the keys which is the most logical thing to do imo.
  2. This delima happened because NCSoft did not prepare themselves well enough and didn't really handle the situation as prompt as possible. It's not their fault for buying the falsely advertised item. Also, the economy in BNS is already killed due to trove, so why does it matter?
  3. Doesn't matter if his analogy is terrible. There should have been a chance to get some of the "good" items and there wasn't. You don't know what they missed out in the trove. Not like it's only the Hepta that wasn't in there. They said there was a problem with the critical rate, which might be even more crits that they missed. They may have had only the low price crits but not the big ones in there, which means people who wanted the chance and bought many keys could not get that chance. Why wouldn't it make sense to give us a huge/full refund? This is their mistake and they admit i
  4. Yes, but that is not possible with the way NCSoft handled this from the start. They should have done the roll back as soon as they discovered this delima.
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