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  1. Go troll somewhere else kid. No ones going to get 9 HM gems out the boxes opening 1 per day.
  2. You mean that mighty ONE rng chest PER DAY?
  3. You are aware you CANNOT use the Blackwyrm gems to transmute the other ones correct? So all of them are behind a pay wall.
  4. I can guarantee you he doesnt since some of its shit isnt in the game yet. And 1k ornaments does not = 2400. Go troll somewhere else.
  5. There is no counter to this lol. These gems are now a pay to win feature. If you could use the non bound ones you could argue its not full p2w. Link a name or you are lying out your ass. Cause I myself am at now 18 runs with no drop and several other people I know havent seen a single drop yet in their 15+ runs.
  6. Honor Ornaments, not moonstones bud. You are already done here. And there is barely more then 150+ honor ornaments up on market place at a time as it is. So needing 1000+ at 8g a piece (at their lower points) thats 8000 gold minimal for 1 set of mats. And thats not factoring into the fact someone with enough gold will just buy out the entire market place of the ornaments and then the prices will sky rocket. So thats ONE material needed for that which already shits all over the cost of making out current. In fact with 8k gold you could go from Stage 1 HM weapon to stage 3 legendary with gold
  7. They said that in 45 cap when Naryu was going to be added. It takes upwards of 1000 Honor Ornaments to max those 45 storm legends out. That at the time would have been a HUGE issue.
  8. Sadly you are wrong. I have been a person who has defended the hell out of this game on there being no p2w in it. Sadly, at this point the fight is lost man =/ The only way to get these gems is through RNG events. While on other regions you can get these gems through stuff like the current event going on and other events that require no money. However the chances of getting 9 Rubies 9 Sapphires out of your 10 keys a day with HM coins is almost non existent. You would be lucky to get 2 of one of them at best. The fact you could only buy 1 of the last box out with HM coins was also a slap to the
  9. 6v6 arena can be very unforgiving from what I hear. I myself dont PVP but I sit in Game VoX with some friends who do it very heavily and my lord it sounds fun but rough. You can run into groups of people 680+ ATP. However from what I have been hearing is Naksun SS fused with Crit Defense is best for PVP right now. You can infuse crit defense into your soul shields regardless of what shield it is. I have heard of some disgusting builds for KFM running like 50% Defense reduction and 70k hp.
  10. I played Final Fantasy 11 that would do public shaming to abusers. I missed it.
  11. Some people just have that much extra money to spend. The way me and my wife do it this. We both work full time. Have no kids and live in a place with very nice rent. We add up how much we make each year. We take a % out of what we make and decide that is what we spend on the games we play. We then put the initial pay on our Credit Card. And each month we pay off 30% of what we spent. Builds up our credit pretty nicely and is assisting in our goal of getting a home loan. Me and her met on a MMO that had the most disgusting pay to win we had ever seen but we were both very cash shop hea
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