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  1. All in all its 400g more expensive to get 10 pieces of each then it was before + time waste to salvage/transmute..(if not going by SS, and orb route).........Swallow my come Ncsoft.
  2. From 20g a piece, to almost 60g if we count 30ss and 15sacredorbs (EU prices), Great job Ncsoft, clap clap!..
  3. Hello, will the ordinary Mystery Boxes for 1ncoin have a chance for cryptograms or ncsoft wants us to spend money on explorer and brawlers boxes?
  4. Yea well, its been the same for couple of hours, i bought jyansei pack, couldnt unpack it, relloged, was gone from recived items, just as everything else, also where is my satchel i preregistered?
  5. My system specs are, asus strix 750 ti gpu, and amd fx 6300 4.1GHz cpu, when i run 64x bit the frames are cancerous ( like 10-12 in non crowded area ) and when i run 86x bit (32) it works much better as well as the loading screen that take ages on 64x bit..This is way to cancerous..
  6. WHAT ADRESS BAR!? Fixed the thing, not using this method tho.
  7. As you can tell by this title, and it pisses me off..For example..As blade master i get no silver for doing traning quest (part 1-x) and as warlock on part 1 till last one i get silver each time..Same goes for main story quests, dont know about side quests..As blade master i had 0 silver till lvl 20 (when i started selling stuff) and as warlock i have 11 silver as lvl 16..So where is the logic? Im pretty sure im not the only one who noticed this but this is not fair..Why does one class earn more currency while other doesnt? Fix this..
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