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  1. thanks for your comment guys :) even if its negative ill accept it. coz i know im stupid that i spend a lot of gold on that wheel of fate. :D its only a game. ill just look for another game that is near my place so that i dont get a lag issues. just play this game till you want it. enjoy guys. ^^
  2. I have a problem in playing blade and soul, so to be honest I spend my 100+ gold just to buy frostscale essence and to get the Balrok outfit. But after so many trial i only got soulshields, weapons and the adornment. why your doing this to players like me?? can you give me back my gold please. because i need it badly and please investigate my problem on the wheel of fate outfit rate. please also reply to this message if you really are concern to us players. i want my gold and the outfit sir please :( thankyou for your consideration.
  3. sorry im new here. im so innocent about this game so far im enjoying it! :D Thanks for the reply. ^_^
  4. dear blade and soul, please fix my account issue about the daily dash. thanks. :)
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