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  1. well I tried it out again and idk guess it just lost it's magic : / o well....
  2. you can buy gems now....? really hope not
  3. oh good!!! that was one of the last straws for me as to why I quit! now if arena is cleaned up pretty well than I have no reason to stay away from the game lol. I was hoping they would clean up their act and not let the game go down the tube!
  4. anyone know if the top ppl in the arena currently are real non-hacking people?
  5. oh wow lame.... so basically they made them into another "armor" piece... that I have to keep buying crap to get stats... yeah I don't really like that
  6. I think I read you can get them in the markplace or do you have to pay real money to grow them or whatever you do with them
  7. is it real people at the top in the arena?
  8. Hi, I quit a few months ago mainly due to hackers and bots in the arena/open world. Anyways have they cleaned that up yet? Also have they kept their promise on keeping it as "non-p2w" as possible I just saw something about pets.....
  9. ah found the topic BUT can the guy appear in any dungeon or just certain ones?
  10. Where is the info about this event?
  11. I made Bootyful not funny but cute I guess
  12. I felt the same the only one I have bought since than is the new tattoo outfit
  13. ctrl+c will get you easy quick gold if you want a chance at the gems I guess go for the boxes
  14. which way is your list going? because warlock for the top of PVE would have no sense
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