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  1. yeah, but on the other hand we knew that are going to be speeding through the patches to play catch up. Once we reach the end point (no new patches till other servers get them) I think things will even out, and become better for the population as a whole
  2. idk the Yun one looks like she bought 2 sizes too small and is trying to stretch it to make it work.. I feel like a button is going to pop off and slap someone in the face haha AHHHHH MY EYE!!!!!!!
  3. well that is your fault... Why would you join a party when you do not meet the requirements? It does not matter what the requirement is it could say "250 AP or less only!" well if your over 250 AP than you shouldn't join.... heck it could say "5k+ crit only" well if you do not meet that requirement than why are you wasting everyone's time by joining it? just make your own party if it hurts you that much
  4. I think you missed the point.... You do know that there are several groups looking for people with a wide range of AP requirements so chances are you will find one for you or you can just make one oooor you can just hit the lfp button... That's great that you know what to do in dungeons, but sadly idk how you will do in a dungeon so it's usually easier to just find a fellow high AP person that will do more damage while he/she is alive. I have a life just as you do so why is it a horrible thing that I want to play with high AP people so I can rush through all
  5. You know the purple dungeons are not hard right, and they have a random party button for those with lower ap.... You act like it's soooo hard to get over 400 ap XD now my main is 560 which is overkill while my alts are low 400s (for future reference anything over 400 ap is more than enough to do a 6 man dungeon..) Basically if you are lvl 50 with sht gear you should be at least 400 ap.....You're really making this out to be WAY harder than it is lol....so I'll try to make it simple 1. You do NOT need HM skills to pvp. You do NEED to know EVERY class to
  6. I have them on my main which is all I need. It's not a MUST in pvp.... the MUST is knowing how to fight each class which means knowing each class.... if you personally need them to pvp well....than....have fun with that but for most people no they are just extra... it's not hard to fight someone if you know their class...
  7. ummmm my alts are mainly for pvp so it doesn't really matter if I gear them or not.
  8. hmmm not really sure there are a lot of great ones, but I do not like my character.... They really made them out to be dumb.... Go break those pots!!! me: mmmk ok WHY DID YOU DO THAT?! me: ummmm because he told me 2....
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