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  1. pls make kfm great (not again). we never receive love since 2016
  2. tremor is 45s cd. if you're attacking aimlessly like you do to sin and summer counter, they can stall for a long time too.
  3. what about Sin? the bomb 1 shot too kfm can be counter, even in full agility, pierce defense can hit kfm, like bd, bm and any aoe cc will hit them.
  4. I know what a crit sound like, and these didnt came with crit-worthy item. I opened trove with my clan-mates. A 5 transformation stone or a forging orb is not equivalent to a sacred oil or premium transformation stone that my friends be getting.
  5. do you not? because you missing out the benefits of the casino.
  6. these are supposed to be "special" 5 transformation stones shouldn't be among it with addition to other crappy stuffs you can get in the non-special chest
  7. Bought roughly 300+ Keys and over half of my crit trove giving not useful items 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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