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  1. Login Failed. 3746

    I have the same problem 2 days like this, I enter a few times, but then I have a disconnection from server, I dont know what is the issue. I send a Ticket and they try a lot of things but nothing works... now I dont know when they gonna fix the problem.
  2. Is not the ASUS or Razer services, they do something with the last patch, like you said it all fine before this 3 days and the last update, I have several Disconnection from server. And I send a ticket too, they try to solve the problem, but nothing work, so is the patch they do something wrong there.
  3. Spring update = lagg freeze

    I dont know what they do, but for me I have several Disconnections for servers. And I send a ticket yesterday, they try to solve the problem... but nothing work I keep getting DCs randomly. So is the patch, they do something with the script or maybe software idk...
  4. Anyone else having random DC?

    You know when I can send tickets? I have a crash when I run the game and I dont see nay solution in the forum.