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  1. The picture of the class selection was from our client. The picture of the translated skills was the Taiwan client with NA/EU's translation files. You don't actually have to use another client to see the translations, you can unpack the localisation files and see for yourself that all of the skills are already translated. In fact, every text related to the class is translated. All of the animations are there. All of the sound files are there. The class id, and all its respective skill id's are there, and correctly reference their translations. The class itself can have its character creation e
  2. With the news of the new patch coming, and no mention of the Chi Master, let me remind you all of why I created this thread. The Chi Master is in game. The class can be enabled on the character selection screen. All of the skills are translated. All of the animation and sound files are where they are supposed to be. The class is there, right there in our client. NCSoft just need to flip the switch. Here somebody's screenshot of the class enabled on our client before this week's update (version no. in top right): Here is that same person's screenshot of the translat
  3. Sounds like you may have obsessive compulsive tendencies. These events are optional, you don't have to do them. If you see benefit in the rewards they give then it's simply an option to do something for said rewards. Otherwise the rewards wouldn't exist at all. Are you honestly suggesting they give no rewards for a leveling event just because you feel you won't be able to control your impulses? That's ridiculous.
  4. Of course, the relation is the thread's pertinance to the class that was released two weeks after the thread itself was created. Simple logic. Perhaps you're using the word 'relation' not by its definition. Who knows? Other than that, what difference does it make? I acted on my initiative and made a thread in the hope that it would have an effect. Therefore I have achieved my goal. All that I do now is hope. Cool beans? Cool beans.
  5. Chi Master is already complete and in game. It is playable, but disabled/locked to the playerbase. Whatever point you're trying to make about bugs has no place here. It's a game. Games have bugs. What does that have to do with an individual requesting Chi Master? Requesting a locked class be unlocked has nothing to do with development priority or bugs. The class is done, they just need to flip the switch. If you want bugs fixed then you should report them in the bug forum, that's what it's there for, instead of derailing my thread with your inane thoughts. People. Who are these 'people
  6. That's not my thread. I don't even play Warlock, but yes, please 'let me' think my thoughts - they're generally quite happy ones if you're wondering. Sometimes filled with rainbows, other times hugs and dreams. #UnleashTheChi
  7. Oooh, they changed our class agaaain? #UnleashTheChi Yeah actually, two weeks after this thread was created: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/171341-just-unlock-the-warlock-already/ :D
  8. This is another thing. I feel sorry for the people who plan to PvP with Chi Master, because if it's released too late it will not be eligible for the World Championships.
  9. Look, it's nice that you've rationalised your own intent and twisted it into the idea of you 'trying to be productive, and helpful'. I'm more inclined to believe that you simply value your own idea of what is 'right'. Actually, we are simply different people. You say yourself, you like to create alts. I do not. And whether a new person joins the game is irrelevant to me, I have invested time in since launch up to this date. It is me who wants to roll a new class, and I have already invested time into the game, therefore it is rational and acceptable for me to be displeased with how difficult
  10. It damn well should feel like Deja Vu. Why NCSoft thinks they can put a complete class in the game and have its loot constantly smack you in the face is completely beyond me. They should've learned from Warlock. #UnleashTheChi
  11. It's in game. They can turn it on at the flip of a switch. You must be a troll. Such ignorance aboslutely must be a troll... Who cares? It's in game. Patient or not, it's in game and they could turn it on this frickin' wednesday during maintanence if they wanted. The fact is I have lost interest in the game. I only have interest in playing Chi Master. If it's not here in 2 weeks then I'll no longer have interest in playing at all. Just straight up facts. Maybe you have all the classes you can enjoy and the game is great to you. In which case why are you wasting your time in
  12. We know it's in game. We know the skills are translated. We know the item database and loot tables are up to date. We know its character creation can be enabled in the config files. We know the balance patch we're on from January includes changes to the Chi Master. So what the hell is the hold up? At this rate I'll quit before it unlocks, seriously. It takes a lot of time and a lot of gold to upgrade gear in this game. It's gonna take 2k+ gold to catch the class up to current gear levels. So what the hell is the hold up? The game is not friendly to new characters or alts. The longe
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