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  1. I'll tell you why 6v6 bgs are dead No gear equalization It is beyond my comprehension why they implement gear equalized pvp arena matches but gear dependent pvp 6v6 battlegrounds.. I mean logical sense dictates that gear equalization would be the ideal setup for pvp related arenas or bgs. Nobody wants to join bgs because there is a high chance you'll face an enemy premade team composed of all ap600 players who will destroy you and dominate quickly, forcing the losing team to sit afk on the res pad while they wait for the timer to count down. Plus you can't even just bai
  2. I dont really care tbh. I just want my quest log limit removed.
  3. So i as a player am getting the shaft because a few bots are bothering folks? is that the official answer? I find all of this hard to swallow. Especially considering i dont find bots to be bothersome at all (aside from chat spam). I never see them
  4. These guys aren't limited to pushing out pre made content. They can and do make changes.
  5. Why is there a limit to quests in our quest log? This has to be one of the most annoying factors in any mmo. WHY DO YOU DO THIS? What is the reasoning behind this limitation? Why must we go back and delete quests to get new quests? This is insanity and stupidity. There should be NO limit to our quest log.
  6. You should know that names and clan names are unique to region, i;e NA or EU, not server. So I couldn't take a name you use on Na for example and go to a different server in the same region and use that name. I could go to EU and use the name there provided it isn't in use already in the EU. Same thing with clan names. That's how their cross server tech works. So essentially this is not a problem.
  7. This was done in my previous mmo, Volunteers were screened and had minimal powers but acted as assistants to gms, (does this game have in game gms?) These players were obligated to devote so many hours per week or month but they were given free game time and other perks. I don't recall them being very helpful though. Mostly got answers like "I am sorry there is nothing I can do"
  8. I too can't stand that race. Exclusive classes are stupid. I too can't stand that race. Exclusive classes are stupid.
  9. I wish I could read your postings.. Perhaps if you used an image hosting site that isn't total garbage.. How about http://imgur.com
  10. i don't know man, Anyone who spends that much real money in a game to me isn't guilty of winning anything except the right to be ridiculed for being a loser
  11. He said the quickest way, not the free'est way. I already told you, it's called the "Brilliant moonwater key" and yes if you use it to open the siren chest you will get your siren sword guaranteed.
  12. You can use the brilliant moonwater key you get at level 36 from the survey rewards or buy one on the hongmoon store for 600 ncoin, use that to open the rng box for a guaranteed weapon for your class
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