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  1. How to fix F8

    Most of the whales are from places that should be ip banned, causing them to lose money. Won't happen.
  2. Wings of the Raven Patch Notes

    Evolved (siren/oathbreaker) ring and earring are better than pinnacle, the rest you should just use pinnacle but don't throw the other things out. When you max them out you can salvage them for 30 legendary jewels to upgrade legendary accessories.
  3. ...nice work...

    Might want to hold off on the bandwagoning, warlock is getting nerfed too.
  4. close.

  5. Game gets easier and group requirements get higher, sounds about what you could expect from this community. :]
  6. Summoner or Warlock

    Warlocks are always wanted for the soulburn. But in the end if you're going to waste hours playing something pick something you think you'll enjoy more.
  7. To all the low ap players in F8

    Why would you not count bonus stats? Those are actual stat points applied when people attack in a dungeon, not fluffed up numbers to make people feel good about themselves when they press p. Just as you would count the added ap from HM levels of the old system you should be counting these points toward it as well. Seriously for the most part people that sit there harping on about stats are usually people that need to be carried the hardest themselves.
  8. You still need keys. I have a chest in my storage and hadn't been able to get a key despite multiple runs, now the keys are no longer on the drop table.
  9. Level 26 and already bored stiff.

    No, and unless you're prepared to shell out cash to skip ahead get used to playing alone for a while at 50 as well.
  10. Any word on when this will be fixed or is it intentional?
  11. Am I wrong for being pissed?

    As others have said you could've handled it yourself. That said people put gear over alot of important things like experience and necessary HM skills so I'm not entirely surprised and would be bothered by that too, even if it wasn't necessary for him to use HM block he should've had it by the time he was doing 4man tomb.
  12. State of summoners in the game right now?

    Currently summoner is weaker than FM and WL yes but we have a party heal in addition to all the other party utility. You can do great damage with good ping and the proper skill rotation/uptime. Later on wind build will become more viable but the gap between wind and earth build won't be THAT high so you can still use earth build later on if you chose to.
  13. Some much needed QoL things

    Well no, I get that system. But I come from games where mechanics can be really challenging but the content doesn't let you simply slide by with doing only the mechanics, you also have to keep your DPS up. Right now you can have a few people tunnel vision the mechanics and still clear stuff but that's a bad habit for people to get into. Good players that you would want in your party can handle mechanics without sacrificing much of their DPS to do so.
  14. Some much needed QoL things

    It can be a bad thing yes. There's still enrage timers and if someone isn't capable of doing mechanics while dpsing (aka tunnel visioning on them) then that can cause as many wipes as not knowing mechanics.