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  1. In my opinion, there's this matter where the female characters have more good looking outfits than male characters. But if we're talking about gameplay topic, well I don't want anyone to feel offended to what i'm going to say. Most of the female players, choose summoners cuz it's easy to pick (or because it's cute). But of course, we can't talk about that in general, since I've met girls who plays male BM characters, play Force Masters, Assassins, Blade Dancers, everything. It's just most of the female population likes summoners, and that's it, I bet they don't even care if it's
  2. I hope so, i just want to play a game in peace.
  3. I can't actualy arguee with the fact that would ruin the profit from some players, because i am one of them, i do get profit from weapons time to time. But we're talkin also about he untradeable ones, such as Hujikar, Infernal, Blight, and so on. I don't mind sacrificing my profits from weapons (since it is NOT my main resource of money, it's like 1% of 100%) to make things relatively GOOD for casual players, and hardcore players as well.
  4. You do get brilliant keys to help your progressions, but it's like the guy up there said, do i really want to use my key and run over tombs 40 times? I do think this rng protection is a good idea, would prevent us from wasting time. We gotta look for the ppl that do and don't have time to play. A person who can spend 5 hours straight in a game, can completly farm his weap till he gets it. But what about the ppl who have work? Will they get stuck in that part of the game for what? 1 week? 2~3 weeks? But even so, this RNG make things really, REALLY frustrating, since
  5. Zakarii

    top dps?

    This is a really complex matter, since there's a lot of factors u need to think of. 1 - The class you're playing, how long u've been playing on it? (You probably mastered your class, so you can describe in details.) 2 - How is it in a real fight? (If we're just here to consider what they can do in a REAL fight, then we have to consider more things like, mechanics, dps engage, damage consistency.) 3 - What's your play style? (We all know BnS offer a insane ammount of styles to use, does your style have higher/lower damage than the others?) Considering all of this, u can
  6. I'm not the kind of player who bully the others. But that guy deserved it really bad. Srsly, it also reminds me of how BnS public in Lobby are ALWAYS rushing. Communication, mechanics, teamwork, throw those stuff alway ,let's just get more DPS and try to outdps the whole dungeon. I remember the days where Yeti was fun to do... ppl doing mechanics, we failing and trying again. But now...
  7. Yes it was, I even waited him at the end in Hae Mujin, and he was standing in the Yutay's Bridge. I said "Oh little summoner why don't u come over? We are waiting you :D " Awww yas.
  8. It's that kind of thing that also make the whole dungeons frustrating. I just went to Bloodshade Harbor with a party consisted by normal players in Hongmoon level 2, but the AP was around 440 ~474, except for me (I was with 555 AP). I was like "Oh let me just help this guys and whatever", and there was the summoner with 474 AP which kept trashtalking like "Oh, this KFM lvl 47, don't wait for her, she don't have enough AP and it's useless." Fun thing is, I just noticed he was wearing Cerulean outfit. Then I putted my crimsom and, we all know what happened. My actions weren't reasonabl
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