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  1. The work being judged here is the outfit design, not the drawing. Besides, whatever what you guys allege as being traced is not even original anyway. Can I trace a circle from BnS website?
  2. I'm not butthurt. I don't even like the winning outfit; it's not sexy one bit. But all these rants bug the hell out of me. Clearly, you guys just don't know what artistic originality is. If you go to a clothes store, a bunch of pants from different brands look almost exactly the same, long black slack pants. Does any sane person criticize that as plagiarizing fashion design? I don't think so. E.g., that mask is nothing original to me. I bet that shape appeared decades ago in some medium long before the alleged source was created if you look hard enough.
  3. By the way, have ever noticed how a lot of anime characters across different franchises are very similar in a lot of aspects? I bet you call that plagiarism too ha? Plus, we can legitimately plagiarize and mix match whatever the hell that is not copyrighted.
  4. ORIGINALITY IS NOTHING BUT JUDICIOUS IMITATION. Not every resemblance is considered plagiarism. Hey, the letter O in "Google" is the same the letter O in "Microsoft"; that's violation of registered trademark. SHOCKING :O
  5. You're full of crap for saying sins EVADE your attacks. A FM complaining about match-ups with sins should not be taken seriously.
  6. I use lightning build and my dps is pretty awesome. I tank very quite often too unless there's a kfm involved or someone with higher AP. If you find yourself out of stealth clicking LMB, unless you're ani-cancelling with Dark Strike, you're doing it wrong. When I run with my usual friends (any mix of BD, Des, and FM), I'm pretty much the tank in every 4-man/3-man dungeon, though I haven't tried 4 man Shattered Mast yet. I almost never press LMB for dps.
  7. You can still pierce into their spine from front or up from their crotch.
  8. Haven't seen your clan around. Though I'm already in a clan, glad to see another crimson clan in our server group :D
  9. So what's your suggestion for balancing the factions? making it 24 vs 24? What would you do about 1 faction sending dummies to fill up the other side? There's no thing wrong with 2 factions fighting all day long and I didn't oppose it; it's just a remote possibility that I had to mention. But this will most likely never happen. One faction would hog one channel and the other another channel if you managed to approximately balance the factions. It then becomes just purely farming again. What part of my post led you to even suggest that loot is all I want when I was op
  10. Would you rather have few small clans die or would you rather have an entire freaking faction, which is about half of the population, die? Weak clans losing is EXACTLY WHAT COMPETITIVENESS MEANS? Do you propose a gameplay where everyone gets what they want and no competition is involved? For crying out loud, this is a pvp content. And if you suggest another pve content where people could farm; I'm not debating it. So I assume it's 24 vs 24? What about one faction sending dummies to the other side so that they could win? And when you blame the faction imbalance on pla
  11. The inherent flaw in the design is pretty clear from the evidence that in every server (or almost every) it's always one faction that dominates the other in faction pvp, specifically SSP. I've read some comments which said that it's the community's problem and in Asia, they share blah blah blah. That is stupid. The whole point is to create a competitive experience that has both pvp and pve (farming) elements. But as it stands now, one faction always fills SSP and engages in mindless farming (like robots) while the other is left disgruntled and many have gone offline indefinitely since server
  12. Just look at my character's legs. And it looks like there's a transparent copy of my character above the cut-off feet.
  13. I play sin and I get my ass kicked all the time. So I'd say nerf all other classes except sin. Sin is very hard to play. Sins may seem op to many because the people who play the class and do pvp are insanely good at it. To be able to pvp using a sin requires a lot of experience and practice. If anything, sins are disadvantaged from not-so-good players' point of view. If a noob FM, WL, SM, or BD is pit against a noob sin (like me), the sin loses hands down. I don't know about top-tier pvp, but sins are always disadvantaged with low tier players (maybe they have a sho
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