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  1. Since the new update i cant even open without my computer freezing i did all my updates and its a new PC(2months old) All i can do is , login and then the BnS logo appear and the whole comp crash
  2. Thats about the Aquamarine and i talk about the Peridot
  3. Are you gonna fix those also , to be account bound? or am i stuck with 2 on my character?
  4. Seen a pet drop last night in Cold storage at the first boss , so i know its possible and the max bid is around the price of the stone on market =)
  5. Quest named , Over a Barrel The name Artftos and Pupthos are switch. Like you got Artftos and it would be complete as Pupthos
  6. i wanted like the 100moonstone and the gems but i got the hair outfit and gems but no moonstones =(
  7. Anyone know if we are gonna be able to get the Brilliant Hongmoon Hexagonal Peridot(AP3 , 325HP regen)?
  8. I hope they can make it happen at the next maint!
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