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  1. I will be up front. I do not have the best gear (galaxy weapon, wwv ss etc) but I am not a whale. I can occasionally spend a few bucks for nCoin but not to whale out. My issue is not my gear or anyone else though. My problem is the match making system. Almost every single game repeatedly I get put on the worse of the two sides. Perhaps one in every 10 matches I get on a side that has a chance of winning but most matches my team is the one that ends up with only 5, the only HM7 or one player with nice gear while the other team has 4 players with nice gear. I am now at the point of q
  2. Very excited about the gunner and the whole patch.
  3. Ummm you do know its almost 5 hours and 10 mins more before they attempt to bring the servers back up right?
  4. I was able to buy some hongmoon coin by selling my in game gold in a 100g stack instead of 10g stacks. Also when I purchase Ncoin and buy gold from currency exchange, I usually look for 100g stacks and up. The only time I buy a 10g stack is if I have small amounts of Ncoin left back that cannot be used to purchase even 50g. Another aspect of my experience with the currency exchange is patience. It is almost useless to post gold on the currency exchange and expect it to sell immediately. As such I do not purchase hongmoon coin in response to f10 on the day. Instead once I have accumulated enoug
  5. I was upset like with sts that your price moved from 300g to 400g but I got over it and decided hey I want it so lemme make the 400g. Well now you went and jumped in price from 400g to about 600g. Well after all that was said about lowering the cost for lower level players to catch up clearly that is now all a joke once again. This time the players have circumvented the new trees and cost reduced evolutions and found clever ways to extract their tax and ensure the weaker players will take forever to ever get any where near them. Thank you Mr. Asura Ember. I was close to giving up with STS pric
  6. STS was 5g. Now its 17g. So yeah I have a problem with the price tripling while my rate of earning gold remains the same. Where do I say I want gear free?
  7. Well 17.4 g for one silverfrost transformation gold is well beyond what I can afford so for now I'm done with that. Either they find a way to lower price or give me a way to make a tonne more gold than I currently do.
  8. Are a whopping 17.4 g per! I am therefore unable to bother leveling my weapon. Some players in game are claiming that as a result of the server merge more players are trying to farm the same number of nodes as before. The result is that the supply of stones has dwindled, the demand is now high especially for players who are stocking up for the arrival of gunner and of course the 3x price of a single stone. Well I am really upset. If any staff read this please verify and find out what can be done about this situation e.g. more farming channels, sts in f10 (on sale), ........ This is
  9. BnS pace of update is actually pretty decent in comparison to past games I have played. That is in terms of updates to dungeons, skill balances etc. To me where this game bites is when you are not spending money. It can be so unrewarding. You can mindlessly grind certain dungeons never to see the item you want drop and when it does there are players out there with so much money you have no chance of outbidding them. So for me I'm stuck at a certain point simply because I do not have the money to progress any further. I cannot even get into the very dungeons that BnS made the game easier since
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