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  1. Blade and Soul Jarke Opens Our Eyes

    I hope Developers can learn something from this video :(, im a new player and the game its pretty rough for me because they nerfed every single dungeon for new players, its getting very frustrating.
  2. i reported a speed hacker 3 weeks ago, i saw him again yesterday doing the same stuff on soulstone plains this game is frustrating, i saw too many bots on ss plains (summs yehara - Free field yehara) so they just stay in the middle waiting for Konta (cerulean capture boss) they go-kill then afk until the next spawn, im getting bored for real, nc always destroying the games because they cant handle a shit
  3. I made a post reporting the same guy today, ncsoft is a joke http://imgur.com/a/T6xJN
  4. Sorry for my poor english SO much people using this, its retarded, i know nc cant fight against bots, its hard im a wow player and i know how hard is fighting against bots and this is a f2p game so the banned people can just make another acc, but this is disgusting speed hack really? At least do something against speedhackers, im getting bored of this game because developers are so careless and the new trove event just made this game p2w so please do something about. here's a ss, he tryed to kill me with a machine gun 4 times but i finally got him and killed. Server Yehara - Cerulian order - NUiku http://imgur.com/a/T6xJN
  5. Sorry for my poor english Im have already 510ap full pirate plus outbreak belt, i was full pirate pre patch, The game already is insane, you need over 700g to upgrade to breeze, if you make 40g (farming hours) you need 17-18 days, i was farming lair all day getting gold from bids, but the rates are awful, 15 min run for 2 frozen venom darts is a joke, ss plans is the only way to make gold atm in my opinion. I was watching some korean streamers and they have quest who give 15 soulstones from pvp, 2g per quest so wtf, they get so much gold than us per day, so they can upgrade items faster than us without effort. In conclussion, im a bit tired of farming hours and hours to get my weap, i only need 60 fangs (132g) but the game is getting frustrating for me