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  1. Thanks for the tip Terminek, always looking to improve.
  2. Having used both and taking advice from fellow WL's, I chose DH over DC. It also depends on Ping, I have a 12ms ping so I can spam my DH rather quickly. It more than makes up for the lower damage, because I can spam it 3 times faster than DC. Not to mention in pvp it is a lot better because DH doesn't take forever to hit like DC does. With the new skills coming on April 12th all bets are off, until we can figure things out.
  3. My clan fell apart to other servers, now a casual clan. Looking for an active progressive clan, mature no drama, friendly helpful with new dungeons. Runs spire, I run mainly PVE, occasionally do Mushins when bored and TOI. On everyday to do 4 man DC, will help others if needed. Thank you for your consideration.
  4. Don't feel bad, I had to run Ebondrake Citadel 100 times before I got the ring to drop.
  5. No oils, I opened 300. I did get 2 ap 40 diamonds and the seductress. No complaints here.
  6. I got full set, that is not the issue. The issue is that fact that you should not have 0% rng rate, it should be a rate that is fair to players who put in the time to getting the shields. Also I did not get the ring until 100 runs in EC. So that is also a 0% drop rate.
  7. The unleashed pet also gives 40% crit defense which is a nice bonus to PVP play.
  8. Well I am a beginning PVP player and a WL at that, so that is two strikes against me. I killed a Summoner on level 38 no problem. But I hear your complaints and they are valid.
  9. I never got one orange Legendary SS. I have over 100 flowers. I don't complain but the RNG for this daily is as bad as the ring is for EC. Loosen the purse strings NC.
  10. They will start dropping Moonstones in Cold Storage, Mandate which never dropped before, and the Whirlwind War Chests too.
  11. They can tell if the disconnect was on purpose or a system disconnect.
  12. I jumped from being a hardcore SWTOR player and haven't been back in awhile. People are jumping ship there as well. So it may seem that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence but not always.
  13. I agree, I just would like Musins Tower to have the same. Especially for WL's that have long casting times, no speed skills and little CC's in the game. Yeah we have somewhat high dps but it is alway interrupted.
  14. Exactly!!! My Thrall never takes agsro from Mushin's Tower or Heroic dungeons, I am sure he wasn't made too if we have AP over 550. If somehow they can use a different metric to enhance the Thralls aggro focus on bosses and PVP towers our squishyness would be able to survive a little longer.
  15. I define P2W as someone who doesn't have the patients or time to "G2W" or " Grind to Win". I will be the first to admit I use my CC on a regular basis. But I also am respectfull of studying and knowing dungeon mechanics before entering. I work a lot and don't have the time to grind to get to upper level dungeon gear. I enjoy the challenges of the upper dungeons. I believe no matter if they Pay or Grind, if they have the gear and know the mechanics of the dungeon, the more people we have at the top, the more runs and less que times. That doesn't mean I skip the Misty Woods or SSP ei
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