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  1. and another day of waiting begins...
  2. IP Address: Country: Other * What the email told me about. IP address and the said country. I did not say anything about WTFast, only mentioned that I used it to play. Besides, if the locked my account to protect it, why not unlock it when the actual user is reaching out? What is up with all this wait?
  3. Wow, there is a club for this? Damn, this is some serious thing then. SOLVE IT PLEASE Or maybe they are busy thinking of what other stupid forum avatar they are going to put us next.
  4. Dear NCwest, Is there any contact number to call regarding sending in ticket? Like Blizzard Entertainment, they always have customer hotline 24/7 ready to resolve our account issues, and not making your consumers sitting here wait til kingdom comes. I have been locked from my account for no apparent reason, sent in a ticket and all I got for waiting 24 hours is asking me whether I had travel overseas and where did this said account was made at. (I replied already by the way) I only received an email telling me that some other person from a *Other* country i
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