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  1. Gameguard needs removed.

    Ya but it isn't like gameguard even prevents the bots to begin with, so it is just annoying the potential customer base.
  2. I have so many issues with gameguard, just turn it off, it doesn't do a lick of good in preventing third party programs from running. I'd play this game again if it weren't for that piece of malware.
  3. More people are quitting over the inaction over the botting, hacking and macro problem. Also you have the faction imbalance problem. Sure the expensive upgrades don't help for a regular player as it keeps them from doing field bosses because they can't usually do the 1% required either do to the amount of people or the insane gear levels of others doing all the damage. This is particularly bad for SSP. You get a few people who get most of the credit while the rest don't get crap. Removing the whole 1% damage requirement from field bosses would in itself alleviate a lot of stress.
  4. As the title states. 1% is simply to high with the gear disparity growing ever larger. SSP, grand harvest, these lag fests are already bad enough but add in people not getting credit, it is getting old. It is simply turning a lot of people off from the game. They can't get into dungeons to gear up because of elitism. They can't do field bosses because of gear or simply to many players or just being melee in some cases. It isn't fun, why do we make this such a chore?