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  1. Switching Classes

    I've been playing bns on all different servers for years but I've really not been playing much of it in the past few years . My go to mains weres fm (fire), sin (og sin before elements were a thing), wl (og wl before they made the twin dragons ugly) and sf (earth), (but I have had some past experiences with all the classes but its been years) . I currently main invis sin because that's why I started playing a sin for the first time all those years ago but trying to maintain invis during boss fights is starting to get annoying since out of invis I cant do much. What would be good class to switch to? I have enough NCoins for a level 60 voucher and I wanna play something that's easy to pick up. My idea of an easy to pick up class would be- 1) only a few combos to spam like sin 2) spamming ani cancels>less ping dependent but 1000 things to keep track of (i got good ping and a short attention span and im good with brain dead ani cancelling once i pick up the rhythm) 3) this is just a preference but nothing basic like gunners or wardens or wl or sumn (race doesn't matter to me except gons because I can't make a pretty gon girl) 4) flashy effects would be nice but it doesn't matter Thanks to anyone who's replied.
  2. Hongmoon Gem Powder

    I takes a grand total of 700 hongmoon gem powders (gem fragments included) to max 1 gem all the way to gilded. One gem powder = 30 solar energies. That means you need to buy 21,000 solar energies worth of gems to salvage into gem powders for all of this. Assuming that you have 10 alts to do for dailies ( i dont have alts yet so I don't know if you can repeat dailies with alts). It would still take you 525 days of running dailies on 10 alts to get enough solar energies for ONE gilded gem. How do you higher level players do it? I've seen this guy run with a gilded ruby, diamond and an amethyst. That's like 2100 gem powders or 63,000 solar energies or 1575 days of farming on 10 alts . Is there a better way to level your gems than just buying them with energies and salvaging them for powders? If there isn't then I need to make 10 alts and run dailies for the next 3150 days to max all my gems.
  3. Noob Question about Celestial Basin and more

    Thank you for the reply it was really helpful
  4. If you farm celestial basin as a party then does the entire party have the same quests? I just wanted to know before I made any plans. Also do the legendary weapons given by the story quest have a default of 6 gem slots? I got a 6 slotted legendary but I thought you had to farm for those.
  5. Buyng NCoins

    So I'm playing bns after a long time and I decided to buy some NCoins for myself. I've purchased 2x1600 Ncoin bundles but I still have no NCoins on my account and my transaction history is empty. A little help?
  6. Back after a long time

    Thank you all for your replies. I'll look more into the gunner and get up to date with all the changes.
  7. Back after a long time

    I'm coming back to bns after a very long time. The last server I played on was on TW and this was before the NA/EU release I think (wait nvm I forgot I played on this server for a week). Can anyone tell me about the changes so far? It seems like a lot has changed. Also can anyone tell me if gunslinger is any good or not ( are you team fire or team shadow)?
  8. Before I make a KFM

    So I want to make a KFM but my ping is 130ms(lowest) to 200ms(highest). Is it still possible to play a wind kfm, as in do one 2rf rotation per second? If so then I'd like to ask in advance the combos needed to sustain the searing palm buff for wind kfm.
  9. The story of BNS

    Thank you for this.
  10. Which ping program?

    I had a fine 120ms ping till yesterday but suddenly my ping just spiked up to 300 and it won't come down. Any good programs that I can use to lower it? Preferably free. I don't care if it has like a daily time limit because I play for about 1 hour a day so it's cool. I'm just asking this because some time back I remember reading about WTFast not working. So.....
  11. The story of BNS

    Thanks for the replies. Now I'm more into this story than ever.
  12. Sin hate?

    I tbh am a noob sin. When I used to play in TW I would almost always go full ninja and DPS my way through the dungeon so I'm not too sure about the support. One reason why I didn't use be support is that Sins are very good at taking care of themselves and also whenever I tried to provide support to my teammates they would just ignore me and run to their FM or Sum (rude). So after awhile I stopped speccing support and let them run to their FMs or Sums or BMs. Now for the damage. SINS DO AMAZING DPS. Even with my 250ms ping I would out damage almost all the time. Every time I'm out of stealth I would draw aggro, and mind you there'd be KFMs and FMs and BMS or whatnot ani canceling their ass off. The next bit, just skip it if you want to but it's just comparing my experince as playing other classes and Sin. Now back then my main was a WL lvl 50 HM5, my second was a FM lvl 50 HM2 and then my sin lvl 50. Here I'll be comparing my experience with the 3. A high DPS all in one WL build requires you to keep tabs on all your cooldowns and chi, all your party members and predict if everyone of them have enough chi, etc for you to use awakening (awakening in TW idk what it's called here) and make it as effective as possible for your whole party (you have like one good support and other utilities which other classes do much better. You do have another very unique utillty which saves your party from CC but it ain't that good before 50), also you'd have to keep a very close eye to your surrounding since your very squishy and if not careful you're as good as dead. You also have okay DPS. As a sin however I feel like I have less responsibility towards others unless they need like a quick teleport. Also I'm more mobile and have a better DPS. I'm less squishy and my mistakes are a bit more 'forgiving' for me since invisibility saves me from losing like 75% of my health if I make a blunder in high level dungeons. In terms of difficulty? Being a meh WL is easy but being a good WL takes a little more effort than playing a Sin. BUT!!! Sin is more fun to play. NOW for FM.I was an Ice FM btw. RUN IN CIRCLES!! PEW PEW!! AGGRO!!! RUN SOME MORE!! BUBBLE SHIELD!!! KITING LIKE A BOSS!!! AGGRO!!! YOU CANT TOUCH THIS!! ICE FLOWER!! *thank you force mastersama for saving my life with that ice flower~nyan* LMB-RMB-1!!! press "F"!!! NUKE WITH DA FIREBALLZZZ!! Now you may play with your feet whie you use your hands to finish your dinner. Now, is FM difficult to master? Yes, absolutely. Do you need that level of skills in PVE? Absolutely not. Is it more fun to play as a Sin? Heck yeah it is!!! Does sin have better support capability? Not sure. But if I had to go in a dungeon as the only support for my whole party then I'd go as a FM. Why not WL? I feel lik FM can keep your mates alive for longer than the other 2. Also FM played right is nearly untouchable in PVE. To top that FMs are damage powerhouses. Not just nukes. In boss fights Ice build can dish out heavy DPS which can be sustained for as long as your hands don't cramp (No I don't mean that icicle rain thing, I only switch to that tactic when my hands are cramping from destroying my keyboard and it needs a rest). Overall as DPS I'd say FM and Sins are....Sin takes the cake by just a little. But in terms of utility and keeping people alive and running, FM wins. Just my experience playing three classes and comparing 2 of the most wanted classes in parties with my Sin. (Just a reminder, I'm not a master ninja, shinobi assed sin. So don't be a butthurt if I offended you in any way) PS- I was a perma stealth, lightning build. :)
  13. The story of BNS

    I've been playing BNS TW for a while now but never got a good grasp of the story. Anybody care to explain it to me? I know I can just enjoy all the cutscenes and the dialogues (which I will) but I'd just like to know the story beforehand. Thank you