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  1. pffff who has 1 mil in gold let alone 12!! first choice it is.
  2. yup it aint gona happen...... and of course as long as gameguard is the primary security system, bots and hacker will 100% thrive.
  3. lets not forget about the 8 masters who show up like once or twice. (aside from iksanun) i didnt even feel sorry for them when "that" happened.
  4. Dont do that, dont be THAT guy. You wrote something, I replied based on what i understood despite your very very broken english. you: " No wonder the na devs probably already stopped reading forum or people stop caring with this community. " (blaming the community for the NA's bad communication with their player base" me: "Ha ha! you give NA devs too much credit than they deserve" you: "Why? They are not responsible for content, but they exist. They do optimization, cash shop and some more stuff. " (you asked me why, and proceeded to tell me how they do optimiz
  5. I know they aren't responsible for content. However, they are responsible for publishing the game and maintaining it. If you think laggy servers with unregulated bots and hackers is a good job then I guess the devs are doing a great job. Also, aside from the patch notes, we never hear from them on anything.
  6. Ha ha! You give na devs too much credit than they deserve.
  7. Summoner; pros: 2v1, heal, invisibility , high dps cons: everyone hates you. FM; pros: high dps, lots of crowed control. cons: not summoner.
  8. What? Are you sure you are running the right dungeon?
  9. extended wait time would reduce the amount of people participating as each day passes, which would result in less lag, which would result in more people getting the chance to complete the quest. thats pretty much it.
  10. let me rephrase his concern. Not everyone can sit in front of a computer for hours a day or want to play everyday. I always farm all my mats except for transformation stones, which are VERY over expensive due to how ridiculously annoying it is to make them. Im guessing most people are stuck at when weapons/gear require 5+ stones each. at the current price 5* 6 gold = 30 gold each. * 3 accessories. = 90 gold + (~20 gold for weapon) = 110 gold per rank up like stated earlier most people dont want to dedicate their entire life to farming. Im assuming that thes
  11. there is actually a simple solution for this. RANGE IMPLEMENTATION. if you were not within "XX" range when the monster died, you receive no exp nor drops for it. But noooooo, everyone gota complicate stuff. Also implement death punishments in dungeons (which can only be avoided if a party members revives you) Can people still leach? sure. Can they go afk? absolutely not. can you punish leechers? yup, draw agro and release it (class dependent tactic) and dont revive them when dead.
  12. No, what you are asking for wont happen. sounds like you want a "refund" than "recovery" so that you can spend it on another character on another server.
  13. It's always been like that. The American video game industry stopped concentrating on improving their game and concentrated more on micro transactions. some examples: game DLC, pre-ordering, pay walls, energy/stamina systems, rng based in game lottery(some even go as far as implement casino style games). The only difference is freebies. While most foreign versions of a game are very generous to their player base, their American counter parts get the shaft.
  14. Meh, good game, beyond horrible publishers. Its hard to find an mmo with a half decent combo system. Which kinda doesn't work when running on potato servers.
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