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  1. Introduction

    keep it all in one thread guys.
  2. I think my main account is hacked

    tbh you really can get hacked out of nowhere hackers are smart these days it's 2016 not 2003 you'll be amazed what people can do now.
  3. [Suggestion] For Anti - Bot Security Check

    just implement a reporting system Shift+right click or Ctrl+right click i don't know just a thought.
  4. It's probably a bug that bans your account im thinking Game Guard has something to do with it.
  5. Disconnect from server

    try disabling firewall and antivirus remove or turn off any network intensive program, the reason you are getting this error is because you have an unstable connection to the game server, or their server is crappy idk but you will need to maintain a smooth connection to the severs in order to play the game without any problems.
  6. Disconnect from server

    im thinking its a region ban im not sure it's not us its the servers.
  7. microsoft c++ runtime error

    what windows are you both using?
  8. Disconnect from server

    where are you both from?
  9. I think ive been hacked and i i cant contact support

    Hi sorry to hear what happened but if this is your new account just send in a ticket under that account regarding your old account and they will get it back to you as soon possible
  10. Can't edit profile page

    GM's have profile picture and editing your profile disabled gotta wait until they can let us do that.
  11. Failed to Connect

    was there an error code? ... 204?
  12. Introduction Thread

    welcome :) Im 22, 5'10, Forum Lurker, Love Games, and Girl Gamers... i love dogs, im outgoing i love helping out people im really cool and chill to be around with and to talk to you'll see me around every forum just helping out people oh and i like to drinkkkkkk! turrrrnup!
  13. What should I expect?

    then it's definitely B&S server which hopefully they are working on it.
  14. Game still crashing ..

    I don't see you doing anything to help people enjoy the game :P relax man jeez.